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Checked it out over the week-end. Not much different than Marvins, though higher prices. We were there maybe 30 minutes & were constantly asked by the approx. 10 employees working if they could help us/were we finding what we needed. There was maybe 2 customers besides us there & since the employees had nothing to do, they followed the customers around the store asking those questions.

Don't waste your time going if you haven't been. Go to Lowes, you'll more likely find what you're looking for at much less money. My guess it won't last long.

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Gus, I think it is the new store where the ole Marvin's used to be on 2nd Street in Sheffield., Am I right on that Semi ?


Personally, I am glad to see it go in and hope it manages to survive. Yes, Lowes has a lot more, and is some cheaper, but personally, when I am working in Sheffield, and need something, it will be a lot easier, and if you consider travel, cheaper to go there rather than all the way out to Lowes.

For some reason , I can look at an electrical job  and make one trip and get everything I need, but when I am working on a pluming job, I have to  make 5 or 6 trips back to the store, and I have missed Marvin's for that reason.

If I happened to live in Sheffield or up and down Second Street, I see no reason to drive all the way out to Lowes.  Discount Dan's happens to be a True Value hardware store that happens to sell some lumber.  Discount Dan's will have items that Lowes/Home Depot don't have, and the Nationals will have some items D/D doesn't have.  Just take it at face value.


I wonder who owns Discount Dan's? 


Has anyone noticed the Kilgore Hardware no longer is stocking lumber?

Interesting. Will have to tell my dad that there is another home store there now. He always liked Marvin's as they let you pick out your own lumber there and you always knew exactly what you were getting. 


There is still a Marvin's in Jasper and in Decatur. It appears they are still going strong in some areas. 

I have been to Discount Dan's several times since they opened and found them to be very friendly and extremely helpful.  I have difficulty walking and each time I have been there, I have told them what I needed, they have invited me to have a seat on a bench just inside the entrance and brought what I needed to me.  You can't ask for better service than that!  It is close to my home and I can park right by the door and walk in very easily.  Don't care if I have to pay a few cents is well worth it.

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