DISH, Direct-TV, Cable or U-Verse?

I've had all but Direct-TV but I've heard from several customers of Direct-TV that weren't the biggest fans due to the ever increasing cost. 

Of the other services I liked AT&T's U-Verse but close behind that comes DISH Network/TV which has actually been pretty good to me and fairly competitive with Cable cost.  Living where I live now though AT&T doesn't have the bandwidth to provide U-Verse service. 

The reason I started this post is I was wanting to get impressions from others as to what their favorite providers are and why?  Who is the worst, and why.  Naturally I can say that Satellite TV such as Direct-TV and DISH is a problem during heavy rains, to the South of the house, and dealing with the outage during those times of intense rain or snow but I still prefer those outages to the performance, features and difficulty of dealing with Cable providers.  I will though relate that some Direct TV folks have said that improvements have been made to the Satellite Dish sizes that they use for Direct-TV that enable it to have less outages due to weather.

I guess they all can be trying at times and aggravating at others.

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I have liked Dish better than Direct for a while now when it comes to satellite TV. However, that is starting to change. First of all Dish dropped Tribune channels(WHNT CBS 19). I have blamed tribune for the drop, but now in the next few days Dish may be dropping Raycom channels(WAFF NBC 48). It is somewhat forgivable when it comes to dropping 1 local channel, but if Dish drops 2 at the same time. That said, I am glad this isn't affecting me. If you live in the city I recommend cable.

I have had comcast, Dish, Direct TV and Long time ago, Antenna over the past 40 years. 

Overall Best customer service and reception - Direct TV

Worst Customer Service - Dish and Comcast next.

Antenna - Too long ago, but I remember having snowy receptions some days & nights. Seems like an overcast gave you better picture reception, especially at night. 

Using direct TV for last 15 years or so, started out at $59 bucks, today its $134. Just about had enough of rate hikes. Would like to see Shoals area provide a Retransmission of all the Huntsville stations, transmitting out strong signal to at least a 50 mile radius of shoals. Then pick up "Sling" over internet, but it requires a lot of bandwidth, which is not available in the outlying county. In Atlanta area, "Sling" offers a very reasonable rates for $20, $25 and another combined package for $40 ~ 65 channels. Comcast internet would have enough bandwidth to use sling without any buffering or distortions. I could be wrong.

Sling offers a free trial for 7 days, but I have not tried as of yet. I do like the Idea of using Sling and Antenna for local stations, but unfortunately that would only mean picking up channel 15 & 36...but if  a rebroadcast signal in shoals happened, I would love to just use Internet & Antenna for the channels we commonly watch.. Huntsville Local channels & Sling channels.

Has anyone used "Sling" as a live TV provider? Just curious about its performance and bandwidth use. One issue I read about, stated some stations max out at 30 frames per second and may give a distorted picture. You have to lower your picture quality in order to receive smoother reception, ie; 1080p to 720p or even 480p. Sling is in its infancy and has some Undesirable Issue's to be worked out. FYI: Sling is owned by DISH.

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