In October, Dish’s 14 million subscribers lost access to CNN (Communist News Network) Turner Classic Movies and other channels for a month while a new deal with Turner Broadcasting was worked out.

Local and national CBS programming were also dropped in several markets just before the two sides agreed on a multiyear carriage contract in November that gave Dish video-on-demand rights to Showtime content.

Networks and satellite and cable TV service providers often go to war over pricing.  This happens with Direct TV as well as Dish and probably with Xfinity as well.  The service providers then put up notice that the particular provider is making rigid and exorbitant demands but that they hope to bring back the particular channel and they encourage viewers to call the networks and complain.  Sooner or alter the network gets "re-hired."


As to Fox News, it would be a shame not to have that available, since it is good for so many laughs.

I say good riddance. Fox News Entertainment is a joke. 


Unfortunately, It will be back soon though. The same thing happened with CNN a month or so ago. I also remember them taking off WAFF 48 for about 2 weeks not long ago for the same reasons. 

Fox News still is not on Dish as of today but here is some interesting updates. Turns out Channel 205 was not airing CNBC World programing, but instead was airing The Blaze which regularly airs on channel 212. Fox business which was also dropped which aired on channel 206 was replaced by a 24/7 update feed which was also added on a new channel that didn't have anything on it, channel 204. Soon after Dish dropped channel 206 completely and begin airing on 204 only. Also a channel up in the thousands which aired Fox News'  HD feed is now a red screen telling people to tune to channel 204 for 24/7 updates. Customers are asked to go to to leave feedback. The plan still seems to be to put Fox News and Fox Business back on the lineup. Fox News on 205 and Fox Business possibly on channel 204 rather than the old channel number of 206. The HD feed would be put back on in the thousands.

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 while contract negotiations between DISH Network and 21st Century Fox are being hashed out, DISH would air The Blaze,  in place of Fox News.


this just came across my news feed.. anyone else see it?


No, but anyone who places any reliance on The Blaze needs psychiatric care.

Yes, I can confirm ( like I said in my last post) that Dish Network did replace Fox News with the Blaze. The Blaze regularly airs on channel 212 ( in standard definition) now airs on channel 205 also ( in high definition), which Fox News used to air on. What I wonder is if Dish Network will keep airing the new HD feed of the Blaze on a different channel once Fox News returns on channel 205. Maybe Channel 204 which the 24/7 update feed airs on now, or channel 206 if Box Business comes back on 204 (rather than the old channel number of 206), or maybe also air it on channel 212 ( which Dish does on other channels), or maybe up in the thousands. Thoughts?

The difference between Dish and Direct when it comes to rain is Dish has three satellites ( specifically 110, 119, and 129 ) and Direct only has one. That means if you have dish part of your channels can go out but part of your channels can stay on, but if you have Direct it is all or nothing meaning you lose all off your channels at the same time.

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Is it dish or direct, or both, that people say let's you know when it's raining 50 miles away because they lose reception?




Direct here.  Storms with heavy clouds [not showers] and anything blocking the southern sky, including ~ based on my experience ~  a growing tree, will interfere with satellite reception.  It can be storming like hades north of me, it can be storming like hades right over me and my reception is not affected.  I presume Dish would be the same.


What I like about satellite over cable is that I know when the southern storm cleared up a bit, my reception will be restored.  When my cable went out, it was anybody's guess when.


I know zilch about other manners of obtaining reception.


Here is some interesting development Fox News is back on its regular channel number of 205. But Fox business isn't back on its regular channel number of 206( its only back in HD up in the thousands, why would they not have its regular feed going as well, also Fox News also as an HD feed on the same number of 205 but that is turned off?) What do you think is going on here?

If they were going to add anything I thought I would share my top three channel picks:


1. PBS Kids Sprout ( Direct TV, Comcast have this channel) This is one of few channels to actually air 24 hour cartoons.

2. Put Fox News HD back on 205 where it originally was rather than just up in the thousands.

3. The Blaze HD which temporarily replaced Fox News when they worked on a new agreement. They still have The Blaze in regular digital but quit carrying it in HD.


Like I said I could tell you at least five available channel numbers ( where they could put Sprout )and since the HD could go on the same channel as regular digital the other two channels wouldn't be a problem.

I don't see them adding Sprout anytime soon but who knows they might in the future. 


Yeah 253 is El Rey but it says we are not authorized to view it since we don't subscribe to it. I think you can order it A la carte though if it is something you want.  

That Charlie guy that started Dish TV is a very independent person, and he wants Fox and other stations to just give him service--without paying enough for their service.  Charlie's also very stubborn as a person.

His little rift with Fox News has supposedly been settled.  But don't think some of his other channels won't go black from time to time.

It's enough to make me try to live with broadcast television, Netflix, Hulu and Dish's new limited $20 internet service.

It'd be nice if we were about 25 miles closer to the TV towers outside of Huntsville.  We're in the deep fringe for UHF stations.  But TV antenna's are now very reasonably priced.

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