At the last council meeting, the Burger King Four failed to appoint Mignon “Mullet” Willis to the water board. Town Council member’s Malone and Glover failed to show and there was a deadlock to reappoint Barbara Gayle Carroll. Do not allow the Burger King Four to push the ex-mayor back into power. Just remember that the former mayor is currently being sued by a family business for gross negligence and mishandling the business’s money.

It is your right to be heard by your elected officials. Call them and let them know how you feel. If you would like to speak at the council meeting, call the city hall and put yourself on the agenda TODAY BY 4:30PM.

Cherokee Town Hall 256-359-4959

Cherokee Town Council

District 1 - J.O. Franks

District 2 - Daniel S. Glover, Jr.

District 3 - Michael Q. Malone

District 4 - Thomas Holiday

District 5 - Thelma Lambert

Click on the link below for the town council's phone numbers. They are provide by the Shoals Economic Development Authority
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You do realize you have posted home telephone numbers and that is against the TD rules rights? Even though they are elected officials -- I don't think home numbers should be given out.

Thanks for posting the link to where you got the info. That makes me feel better. Big Grin
Keep up the good work Cherokeereporter,you are telling it like it is"no scuttlebutt"!! Many residents have jobs that keep us from attending the council meetings,I'm proud of the people who stand for the good of our small town.I hope all the hoopla will cease and the town's governing body will work together BUT this can't happen until the council members are not under the influence of Willis and McKinney.
Cherokee Town Meeting

All council members present except Michael Malone. Malone was a no show for the second straight council meeting. Steve Glover makes a motion to appoint Mignon “Mullet” Willis to the water board. Steve Glover, J.O. Franks, and Thomas Holiday vote for Willis to be on the water board. Thelma Lambert and the Mayor Lansdell vote against it. Willis is now on the water board. After the vote, Council lady Lambert asks the member's that voted for Willis how can they vote for someone that is accused of mismanaging money at a family business. At that time the council went into executive session. After a couple of votes for different items, councilman Thomas Holiday resigned from the town council.

Other business: A board member from the Cherokee Dixie Youth asked the council for a donation. The mayor advised an Attorney General opinion stated it was not allowed. The board member stormed out of the room slamming the door.

Council Lady Lambert made a motion to cut off payments to employee's that elect to not carry the town's medical insurance. If a employee elects to decline the insurance they are paid an extra 350.00 dollars. No one would second the motion and it died.

About 50 people showed up to the meeting.
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Having no Idea as to the hopes or dreams of the people of Cherokee. I must ask, what is the will of the people? Is it being done by the elected people. ???? If not, vote them out!!!@!

The hopes and dreams of the people will never be seen. The only thing that will be seen are the hope and demands of former mayor and her cohorts. The deck is stacked against anything productive. Glover, Franks, Malone, and Holiday, (now quitting), are all just pawns to do her bidding. How else do you think someone like her could be put on the water board over someone who has been there since the board was formed. Look at the plague on the front of the building. She could not get her sister employed there so she had herself appointed.
The other things that came up at the meeting that should have been addressed were ignored. The $398.00 checks that should be paid to all that have had their insurance cancelled. Two who refused insurance were rewarded by this bonus. Duh! we will pay you not to have insurance but we will cancel the ones who have had it and not pay them the same?
There are so many rules and regulations that have to be followed and you can bet the farm, that if Mayor Lansdell missed one dotted I or crossed T that Mignon and posse would be holding the rope for lynching. Grant money that should be due the town is being lost by this kind of foolishness. Ther is very little hope for the town for another 2 and 1/2 years or so until new election. Be interesting to see who Mignon and Co. pick to replace Holiday! If I worked for Water and Gas dept.; I would be worried about my job unless I were on her favorites list. Glover made the statement that he was never contacted about water board appoinment. Sort of hard to contact when no matter what time or what day you called; He was never available to answer phone. Try it and you will see! Mr. Franks is in ill health and cannot be bothered. Mr Malone works for the railroad and is gone most of the time it seems. How many meetings can a council member miss and still hold his office? So many questions and too few answers.
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I agree. Gotta love the drama. It's almost as good as All My Children...lolololol.

I'm a The Young & The Restless fan. Big Grin

I'm more General Hospital and seeing Tru's post about mafia -- maybe that would be more

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