Recent research indicates that nearly 1/4 of all Americans are voluntering some of their time to help others.
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Shoals Lover,

I did a few things when were were still in the Shoals and I would LOVE to out here in Cali, unfortunately I don't seem to ever find the time. The alarm goes off at 4:30am, we leave for work at 6:15am and get home around 6:30pm every evening. I then cook dinner, we eat and clean up...then it's lights out at 10pm. On weekends we've got church and I'm usually chaufering my son and his friends around to various things. I keep hoping that one of these days I'll find a few spare minutes to rub together. Do you volunteer?
Yes, I do volunteer time with a couple of not-for-profit organizations.

One is a free medical clinic, another provides emergency communications, particularly during severe weather. And I'm considering adding some time for a local Volunteer Fire Department & ambulance service.
Again, I'm impressed. I don't have the personality for that kind of work. I did a ride along with the Florence PD before we moved out here and the officer went on a couple of medical assist calls so I now know I can handle seeing blood, and lots of it, but other body fluids I'm not so sure about. Razzer
I will have to answer yes to this question. I am a volunteer firefighter and have been for going on 15 years, I was also an EMT for 12 years and did some volunteer work on the "band-aid box". I enjoy it and could not imagine not being in the fire department. I also got my wife involved in the fire department as well, we both love helping others. Thats my 2 cents....thanks
For anyone looking for a great local organization with which to volunteer, I highly recommend Hospice of Tennessee Valley. They have a wonderful volunteer program, and you'll not find a more dedicated or devoted group of people. They offer such a tremendous opportunity for people to make a difference in the lives of others – not just with the patients, but also the families. Here's just a little glimpse at of their services in which you could participate:

Care Team:
Share time with patients for a limited number of hours to help relieve family members, or to provide company for patients who are lonely.

Handy Hearts: 
Help with mowing, some raking, or light yard work for hospice patients.
Hair Care Crew:
Put the “care” into hair care, offering services by appointment.

Bake Team:
Create cakes, cookies, or other treats. Anything made from love. Bake a birthday cake for a patient.
Transportation Team:
Become a “CAREgo” angel, driving patients to and from doctors appointments, or helping them run errands.

Special Events Group:
Volunteer to bring fun events to patients and their neighbors living in assisted living apartments or nursing homes. Arrange a bingo game, play music, or plan an event guaranteed to bring smiles.

Special Interest:
Can you play checkers? scrapbook? take photos? sing? play the piano? craft? fish? read? Why not spend time with someone who values your time? Volunteer to share your time, talents and gifts with others.

If you're not comfortable with the thought of working one-on-one with terminally ill patients, or perhaps even with their families directly, you can still be involved and make a difference. Hospice of Tennessee Valley nurses can deliver your baked goods, crafted items, or other special treats for you. School groups and organizations can adopt a project that will have an impact on lives of those in our community. ANYONE could volunteer to simply buy or make a card to encourage people that they matter.

Hospice of Tennessee Valley is over on West Tennessee Street, in the old Florence Clinic building. They've really changed that building. Visit them when you get a chance to see it, and while you're there... VOLUNTEER!

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