Donations to a PAC belonging to the National Rifle Association were up 200 percent in February, compared to the month before. This came during a month of increasing criticism of the NRA, following the mass killing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Within 10 days of the shooting, nearly a dozen companies had publicly severed ties with the NRA. However, this boycott was contrasted by a rise in both memberships and donations.

During the month of January, the NRA received nearly $248,000, but in February that number rose to $779,000.

The massacre took place Feb. 14. According to numbers from the Center for Responsive Politics, itemized contributions of $200 or more from the last two weeks in February were twice that of the first two weeks, and in the week after the shooting alone, the number of people contributing to the NRA rose by 500 percent.


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Thanks for another example of guns over lives. A shooting takes the life of 17 human beings and the gun lobby gets more donations. You can't make this stuff up.

The real world is a rare and traumatic experience for snowflake
liberals. That's why they do, make stuff up.

Associate Justice (ret) Stevens should receive a thank you car from the NRA and firearms industry. 

Similarly, "The chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party is the most high-profile Democratic official in the country to date to call for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Karen Carter Peterson on Tuesday shared a New York Times op-ed by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who argued that the Second Amendment should be repealed because the initial reasons for its creation are "now a relic of the 18th century.' :

Keep it up Demmies, send Republicans and conservatives to the polls in droves later this year.

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