How many remember a story about a bakery in Ohio that stopped the theft of product by three minority students from a local college there.  The College then participated with students to help promote a boycott for the outrageous actions by the bakery which they coined and advertised as racist.

The Bakery Sued and The jury in a court case awarded damages in the amount of 11 MILLION but what I don't know is if this 11 Million includes punitive as well as damages or if that is just damages done due to libel?  I believe there is also a punitive judgment still to come but the 11 Million may be that also.  

Either way the College was guilty and I'm glad to hear the bakery prevailed.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Wow I had looked to see if there was a thread here so for all those who read this please go to Jack's thread and comment there.  I just missed it.  I don't have Jack blocked so don't know why I can't find it but for some reason even after I posted this I still can't find it.


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Thanks so much, I had not heard that.  I'm totally enthused that the courts ruled in the bakery's favor.  Maybe now others will not be as fast to cry foul when there was no foul.  No There there.  

Now I only hope that the Kentucky kids prevail in their initial cases against CNN and others about how they defamed them without knowing the facts.  I actually hope that they prevail against all of those who joined in on the media lynching of the students.

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