First the Announcement and High Hopes

No Comment from developers and lots of silence

Now revealed about one of those behind the project

It was exciting to think about and many, at the time, wondered could it be true that this area was going to possibly see something of that promised size that could bring in that many jobs and visitors to the area.  The problem is that too many people saw through the high hopes and promises and saw the reality of the situation that not only was there not the infrastructure to support such a project but that the promised funds were not there either.  The real wonder to me as that they didn't go immediately trying to get money from politicians and investors in the area but rather they announced that the money was already in place.

Looks now like some may be going to jail over it.  Would have been nice but not too many around here were fooled or ever expected to see work being done.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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