I know I haven't been here the longest and I'm certainly not the most astute forum member here but given some of the comments over the years it is apparent to me that some of the forum members have been here for some time and over the years, or months, they have made up multiple names possibly in an attempt to appear to be two or more different forum members.

I want to say PLEASE DON'T go naming names and revealing who is who but rather for those of you, "in the know" how many different people are there with known multiple names?  I can truthfully say that I know of only two forum members who goes by two, or more, different names and possibly there are other than two but I know of two.  I'm sure there are legitimate reasons that someone would appear as two, or more, different names on the forum and one reason being that maybe they forgot their old sign-on under one name and had to create a different name.  I'm sure there are other, very valid, reasons for having multiple names or identities, but I also am sure that sometimes, hopefully seldom, people want to appear as different people to avoid possibly a ban or some other reasons. 

So back what I had hoped to accomplish and that is how many people/forum members, for those of you "in the know", are here using multiple names/identities?  Again ... PLEASE, no revelations of who these are with multiple identities but rather just how many forum members are you aware have those multiple identities?  Some folks can pull it off and actually appear as different people and fool the others but often people's real personalities give them away and their styles reveal who they are.  For instance, with myself, I'm fully aware that I am far too wordy and make far too many lengthy posts so that is one thing that would be my downfall.  But then I'm also aware that I'm not the only one here that can spin a yarn, so to say.  

So my answer, to my question, is 2 forum members I'm aware of using multiple identities.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Joined in March 2007, have never been banned and have never posted with a different name. I have no reason to hide anything and will never post anything here I would not say directly to your face.  

 I have met many on here and have become friends as well with several here.

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