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Several years ago, this was a very active forum with about 40-50 very active members. One of them was named 'Earthmomma'. I ADORED Earthmomma, on the forums, for a couple years and we finally got up the nerve to have a 'forum meet and greet'. About 50 of us all met at a TVA pavilion and had a huge picnic. Earthmomma turned out to be just that.. a little southern belle of an older lady. Tiny, witty, and sharp as a tack. We had several 'meet and greet' parties through out that summer and fall and made some great friends. Life keep on moving and finding times for the forums became harder and harder and we all kinda filtered away. Earthmomma was a great friend. A great lady. A great retired school teacher. So smart. Earthmomma passed away this past weekend and I just found out. The earth lost one of the last true southern belles and I lost a dear friend and the world is a worse place for it.

You'll be missed Earthmomma.


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I had the great pleasure of getting to know earthmomma in real life. We attended several social events together, as well as forum girls' nights out. I vividly recall a December meeting of women from the old TimesDaily forum which had been canceled...unbeknownst to either of us. I arrived carrying programs I'd printed, while she arrived...wearing reindeer antlers.

She had many stories that she freely shared. I particularly loved the ones about her Baptist mother. When earthmomma received her doctorate in education, did her mother congratulate her? No, she said, "You know you're still not a real doctor." Mothers!

In later years, she cherished her Walker hound Dixie Belle along with her human children. Yes, the world is diminished by her absence. 

earthmomma  was one of those who though she did not demand it, she got my full respect. Somehow she seemed to like and fully trust me to help her at times. We stayed in touch with each other from day one. When she started having health issues, her daughter kept me in touch on how she was doing up until when she passed last Saturday. She is one of those people I will forever be grateful to have known and will be missed for a long time.

I'm so sad that I will never get to see her again. She attended a few of my families Thanksgiving dinners when she couldn't go to her daughters or they couldn't come to her. Everyone in my family instantly loved her. She was a very straightforward and outspoken person and that is why I loved her. I wish I had not lost touch with her when I moved. I hope she was with those that loved her in the end. 

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