How many of us truly have an interest in what we eat?

For example, how many foods in your house contains hydrogenated oils, the super-processed oil that has been proven to cause heart attacks and clog arteries?

And, for all of the hormones that are fed to cattle and other animals to increase egg, milk or meat production, how many of still purchase those items knowing full well what risks they carry?

Do you put your money where your mouth is?

Do you make every effort to buy Alabama?

You know, you CAN eat good in the neighborhood!

In fact, you can help support Alabama business, and promote your family health!

Goose Pond Farm in Hartselle, AL, raises pastured (free range) chicken, turkey, eggs, and has grass-fed beef and lamb! All free from antibiotics, growth hormones & medicines!
(Goose Pond Farm, Charles and Laura Ritch, 298 Goose Pond Road, Hartselle AL 35640; (256) 751-0987 (phone and fax);

And in Ft. Payne, Burt's Beef has grass-fed beef which have never been fed growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics or minerals.
(Burt's Beef, Kathy Lacy, 1270 CR 256, Ft. Payne AL 35967; Toll-Free: (866) 407-2333.

Phoenix Farm near Guntersville, specializes in grass-fed beef, with a cross of Black Angus, Senepol and Braunvieh. They're fed on Bermuda in the summer and fescue in the winter. In fact, they were North Alabama district “2004 Conservation Farmer of the Year.” Prices are $1.25 per pound on hoof, and if you want a custom butcher, they'll do that too for and extra 40¢ per pound!
(Phoenix Farm, Leon and Pat Galecki, 154 Gurney Lane, Langston AL 35755; (256) 228-7376.

Just down the road from the Shoals is Windy Acres Farm near the William B. Bankhead National Forest. They sell beef by the half & quarter year 'round. They also have goat, lamb, turkey, chicken and free-range eggs. They have grass-fed beef, which have never eaten grain, animal by-products, or genetically modified organisms. And they neither use hormones, antibiotics, or feed supplements. Naturally, everything's USDA approved!
(Windy Acres Farm, Curt & Linda Lefferts, 8388 County Road 39, Addison, AL 35540; (256) 462-1229;

To your health!
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Location, Location, Location. Convience trumps healthy eating. I appreciate the info about these organic growers but time and energy required to gather these resources from these places would not make it worth it. Perhaps if an organic grower/grocer would open in the Shoals then maybe it might make a go of it.

Secondly as a single person, it is difficult to cook for one. I know it can be done but often times for me when I do not feel like cooking I hit the grocery store for frozen foods or head out to eat.
What about the Farmers Market? How many people "support" it? Or the Culinary center that has many Shoals original items. It may not be a health thing...It just one community supporting local businesses! I could go for some Mook's Cheese straws, Katie's Mustard slaw, or some oil and herbs from Ricatoni's anyday! ...That's just good eatin there!!!
Thats, S.L you must have remembered the post I made about how the pork chops a friend gave me and the difference in those compared to "store bought" Thankful for the info.

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