Anyone having any problems, or know someone that is, getting around on Ebay can read about it here at the ebay forum:

I'm not sure if you have to have an account or sign in to get to the forums but here is the scoop: Alot of Ebayers using Comcast and Internet Explorer are having problems with "page not found" issues. This has been going on for the second week now. I don't know if it has made the news anywhere yet or not but if it continues I am sure it will. I forwarded it along to WHNT but haven't heard anything back yet. This is hurting some sellers' business because they can't complete transactions and buyers are having problems finding their items. I had some problems outside of ebay also when searching the net, clicking some results only to get the "page not found" result. This makes me think it is a Comcast issue but, as usual, both Ebay and Comcast customer service is pointing at the other. Post here if you or someone you know is having the same trouble. Post to the Ebay forum as well.
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we had an issue with EI7 a week or so ago and had to roll back to IE6. It would not navigate past the home page. Dell was no help and I didnt even try MS. This was a new machine that found the update when we put it in service.
Originally posted by David L.:
Hueb, did you go through the steps to install it on your computer?

I thought I did, I downloaded on another machine and ran the install routine off of a memory stick.
I haven't been on Ebay in a long time. I don't normally buy much from there, and if I do, it's usually art supplies.

I'd say that it sounds like a problem too, though, especially for the sellers. I hope it gets fixed. But in the meantime David L. had good advice.

Firefox is a great alternative to sites like ebay too, also because if set up correctly, it's safer than I.E. because you can get it to where it doesn't store cookies. Whenever I do buy from Ebay, I use my firefox browser for that very reason. Smiler

It does take time to get use to though. Smiler


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