Electoral College Member Getting Death Threats Ahead of Trump Vote

Sounds like the ones that think like jt and have no idea how it works.


Some of Hillary Clinton's supporters are refusing to accept the election results, even sending death threats to Electoral College members.

An elector from Michigan said on "Fox & Friends" today that he's gotten hateful messages, as some try to bully him into supporting Clinton, despite Donald Trump's narrow victory in the state. 

Michael Banerian, youth vice chairman of the Michigan GOP, told Steve Doocy he's been "inundated" with Facebook and Twitter messages, emails and letters to his house.

"I hope you die," one person wrote to Banerian, accusing him of supporting racism, hate and bigotry.

Another person threatened to "find u and put a bullet in ur [expletive] mouth." 

Banerian warned he would send the message to police before responding, "you're an awful person." He said this sort of harassment is happening to electors across the country in advance of state bodies voting according to the results in their state. 

"The hypocrisy is outstanding," said Banerian, explaining that according to state law, he is not even allowed to go against the voters and support Clinton.

Watch the full interview above.


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