I was able to walk around Electronic Connection since they have opened their Florence location in the old Best Buy building and while it took a little getting adjusted to because of the stores organization and how it was vastly different than the way that Best Buy had it arranged,  Electronic Connection has a huge appliance department that is so much better than Best Buy attempted to have but less the small appliances.  There is also a bedding department where you can purchase mattresses and adjustable foundations.  Their computer offering is different than Best Buy had it arranged by spacing the computers they offer farther apart.  Electronic Connection, I believe, offers less of a selection of computers but they are quality computers and they have a good variety including Apple Computers.  Their Television/Monitor selections and displays I prefer to the way Best Buy had them laid out and they have some high-end TVs that are stunning to view.  

One area that is/was of specific interest to me was the front right of the store where they have some quality stereo equipment and speakers set up and then one item that Best Buy never had and one that many will find a favorite to check out, Massaging Chairs.  You can set in one of the four to five massaging chairs while listening to the stereo receivers and speakers.  Also up front are the mobile stereos and right in front of the door a small selection of video and digital cameras.    One thing I always hated about Best Buy was their customer service and although I don't know about Electronic Connections return policy (Best buys was horrible and frustrating) I can't imagine it being worse than Best Buy.  I like the new store and I hope they do well.  With their price match policy, to meet any other store's price, and given their vast selection of products I think they will do well.  What is missing that Best Buy had is the DVD's (Videos) and CD's but those are dying departments in many stores that had them due to the online streaming stores since most people are keeping their video and music collections in digital form today. 

Massage Chairs and TV's, as well as Stereo receivers and speakers, are located in the far Right Front of the store. The chairs shown in the photo aren't inexpensive though and runthe far left one is over $5,000.00 but wow what a massage it gives you.  Stereos and speakers are located to my back and right from the position I took the photo of the chairs from. 

The above store photo was taken from the front right corner of the store looking toward the rear left of the store.  TV's are to the right of the photo and along the wall.  Computers are more in the middle of the store.  Bluetooth speakers and headphones are in the cases shown just to the right, in the cases, near where the people shown are standing.

The photo below is the front wall of the store (front right) and the parking lot is on the other side of the wall shown.  The stereo receivers and speakers are set up along this wall.  One thing that Electronic Connection does that Best Buy didn't do very well allows switching from speaker to speaker and stereo receiver to receiver in order to be able to sample almost every product they sell in this category.

The photo below continues the above photo as looking to the left of where the photo was taken.  You can see in the bottom photo, just over the wall in front of the photo, the entrance windows/doors area.  Just over the wall shown in the foreground of the below photo is the mobile radio section.

Below is a panoramic photo of the front left section of the store where I spent most of my time visiting the store.  Naturally where the massage chairs were located.  In the lower panoramic photo you see better along the front wall of the store and if you follow all the way to the opposite end of the store, where the public restrooms are located, is the huge appliance section, actually located where Best Buy had their scant offering of Home Appliances and small appliances.

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