EU Forces Prepare For Civil War

Who will be fighting who is the rub?  The idiots in charge caused the situation.  Europe seems determined to commit suicide every couple of generations – a major reason our ancestors left.  We helped save them from themselves twice in the last century.

“EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training

A MILITARY police unit have carried out European Union-funded special training, ready to be deployed in the event of civil unrest or war.

The training, which took place in the German North Rhine-Westphalia province was designed to prepare troops as part of the EU’s Lowlands Gendarmerie programme.

Breitbart London reported that the exercise was attended by 600 members of various European police and military forces, in a bid to prepare the united troops of the European Gendarmerie Force.

The military police group is made up of seven European nations, including Spain, Romania, Poland and Germany, and aims to quell post conflict scenarios within EU member states.”

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the challenge in Europe is the union, the countries gave up their rights to a union.  The same thing that they are trying to do in America. Be careful how you vote, we may have NATO troops before you know it.

Even worse, the EU parliament has the power of a junior high school government, except the parliamentarians collect a great salary and have perks that would make a US Senator salivate.  The EU bureaucrats, unelected natch, have all the real power.

Sadly the EU will probably turn the forces against their own citizens in favor of the invaders. Also, sadly in America the powers at be are using a much less forceful tactic. They just require law enforcement to turn a blind eye and let illegals walk around with no fear of responsibility for their illegal actions and the legal American citizens pay for it.

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