Exclusive: ‘Everyday Guy’ Describes How He Brought Down An American Terrorist Cell


Working in remote areas of Kansas, there was no backup team standing by when Day attended meetings with the militiamen. He had a phone that was constantly recording in the background that even he couldn’t turn off.

It was scary at times, Day said. He noted he was armed, and “would’ve did what [he] had to do” if he was discovered.

Being undercover, observing and participating as the men spewed Islamophobic rhetoric, Day said the defense attorneys and the media overplayed the influence that President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks had on the defendants. He called it a “Trump card” used as an excuse for the militia’s behavior.

“These guys had a hate in their heart towards all Muslims, long before Trump came along in the picture,” said Day, who described himself as “anti-Hillary” and said he would have voted for Trump had he not been preoccupied with the case right before the 2016 election.

Still, Day said he would have liked Trump to have toned down some of his more extreme rhetoric about Muslims.

“Trump should not have ever said those things. I don’t agree with him saying that, you know?” he said. “Regular Muslims, if they come over and they’re vetted, that’s our country, man. That’s a free country. That’s how my grandparents got here.”


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Everyday Americans aren't buying the song and dance from the
everyday muslim terrorist in their attempt to over take countries
they have no right to. And no right to just walk right in.
We read the crimes listed and also the fake news trying to
hide real problems.  Was Sweden better off with or without
the crime, rape etc the wonderful everyday thugs are spreading
around the world as possible. 

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