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well pert neer everyone.. sad how social media decides what is .    when I watched the video the jogger goes around the truck and tries to get the gun,,, two things the men shouldn't have tried to stop him,,, and the jogger shouldn't have tried to get the gun.

I already heard someone lie on national news.  making it sound more racial.  

now an lawyer the shooter talked to released a video.   

Juan on Fox, says it is every Black parent fear,,,, Duh  every parent worries about their kids.   be white or black we worry about our kids.   

Stop all this racial media propaganda making things worse

Original Post
Over 40 million living humans were aborted to death, how many of those
were Americans denied their constitutional right, the murderers walked
free hiding behind their moral compass that doesn't seem to be broken.  
They have so many rights they can cut up or leave whole the little slaves
of the PP cult that said they needed the money. It ain't hard to say money.
People whining about killings like it's a new thing, ask Adam about it,
it's been around a while and it will always be here until then.


@1130 posted:

if those screaming about the two white men, were also screaming about the black on black violence. Then I might buy it.  however it is either stupidity or propaganda.   Plus no one screams about black on white violence, nor do they seem to care about police killed. 

It's a fact that 'black on black' crime and 'white on white' crime happen at the same rate.

This sure seems like two people took it upon themselves to do something they shouldn't have done. Time will tell.

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