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Here a new island created from underwater volcanic eruption is now teaming with all kinds of life.  Granted that some of the life here came from other islands and flew to the island but if Evolution was actually the vehicle which life on earth arrived then things surely wouldn't have happened as they have on the new island or even in various parts of the world today.  Likewise there should be all sorts of various stages of evolution demonstrated and visible but then that's just one problem I have with accepting evolution as the process by which all life became to what it is on Earth today.  

I'm not denying that things do evolve and that there are processes of evolution but I'm just not believing that this is the method by which G_d established His Creation or by which all life became on earth.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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RiverDance posted:

Looks like a great place to build a North America off sh ore prison.


Heck the way that many want to take our country it would be a great place to set up a new home if it was quite a bit bigger but unfortunately it's far too small for that.

As for America and our Nation I think the word devolution is far more appropriate than evolution.  I think we are going backwards and in a negative way the way that some of our politicians want to take us and change us.  Some would call it our nation Evolving but so many want to mess with the one of the best two documents ever to be penned into existence.   There are many that decry our Constitution and would love to change and alter it or amend it away and that's a shame and would destroy our Nation, from within.  The second document that makes our Nation what it is and the greatest nation on earth that has been or is and that is the Declaration of Independence.  Let us hope that calmer heads prevail and stop efforts to make changes to our greatest documents.

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