Antifa stands for anti-fascist, which sounds like a good and noble cause. I got involved at age 16 because I wanted to be a part of fighting for a better world. Its name certainly implies that Antifa does just that. While I quickly realized that Antifa was just the opposite and stopped participating, I regret that I was involved in the first place.

I am certain I would never have joined a group that the U.S. considers terrorists and I am confident that many other idealistic young people would have the same reservations. Unfortunately, once they become involved, the risk of getting sucked into the distorted cause and mob mentality is high.  And, when our government leaders voice that the behavior we saw in Portland this weekend is acceptable, young people will learn that it is an acceptable way to express political views.

I’ve written repeatedly about the reckless rhetoric coming from professors and lecturers at our nation’s leading universities. For example, professor Stanislav Vysotsky at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, wrote an op-ed claiming Antifa is a form of self-defense. How someone can think that hurting reporters and inciting riots are a form of self-defense is baffling to me. Giving Antifa a proper label could be effective in counteracting the influence of these professors.


Labeling Antifa a domestic terrorist organization would also help colleges and universities take action when Antifa strikes.


Right now, I’m watching the University of Texas-Austin to see how it protects incoming freshmen who have been threatened by an Antifa group with doxing if these students join conservative groups. We cannot accept these kinds of threats and attacks but, without the designation, it’s difficult for universities to effectively respond.


Today, Antifa is far more aggressive and violent than it was when I was involved nearly a decade ago. The bottom line is that Antifa is as strong, bold and violent as it is because we’ve taken it lightly for too long. The acts of fear and intimidation are not new. They are only another chapter in Antifa’s rap-sheet of violent confrontations in which Antifa is willing to maim their political opponents.

Antifa behaves like a terrorist organization because they are one.  It’s time to call it what it is.