Dr. Gaisser was one of my favorites. He was extremely intelligent and had a great wit. I used to go to see him in his office quite often. Extremely interesting to talk to.

After he retired, Dr. Gaisser worked at the Chazz Package Store on Hwy 72. A former student walked in and exclaimed, "Didn't you used to be Dr. Gaisser?"

I see one of my other favorites, Dr. Jack Price, in the Public Library occasionally, always researching. Brilliant man. He also had a rather dry sense of humor. Not many got it, but I am proud to say I did. I really enjoyed his classes.
Mr. Virlyn Bulger died a couple of years ago about 2 months after his wife's death. He taught science. I never had him as a teacher but as a friend. He was a great guy. He gave my husband and me some of the best life advice we have ever had. Enjoy life....travel and do all the things you dream that you will do when you retire...now. You never know what kind of health you will be in when retirement comes. I will never forget him for that. So we do exactly that when we have the money for it.....(and sometimes when we don't.. LOL.)
I had Mr. Kent for two courses--Invertibrate zo and something else--very erudite man. I have no idea where he is now. While I was there, we had two biology profs come out of retirement, and they both died within a few short years of my graduation. There was also John Hollard who died of cancer some time ago; I think he was universally liked.
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Dr. Price was a history professor. He taught Western Civ, French Revolution, The Age of Reason, etc. He was great.

Price stood looking out the window, speaking in a monotone voice on those looonnnng Tuesdays and Thursdays. After the first couple of weeks, I sat there trying to look at whatever he was looking at. Smiler
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i saw paul "bunky" jones at florence harbor a few weeks ago.

A friend of mine back in the 80s went sailing with him one day and found out why they call him "Bunky". He was not amused. Still a great Spanish teacher, however. I used to run into him at Spanish conferences from time to time.
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How about Frank [there are one or two airlines I haven't ridden yet]Mallonee? ..... ..hair like Donald Trump, dressed to the T, had him for constitutional history...the year Nixon was impeached...Jesh, that was a long time ago.... the guy was a hoot!

I dont know what happened to him, but when I went to UNA in the mid 80s, he still had that hairdo, except it was gray and dirty. He also lost his sartorial excellence too. I think he was still wearing the same suits you saw him in in 1974. I absolutely could not follow any of his lectures.
I always wondered what happened to Dr. Ikerman in the history department. His lectures were full of war stories, and judging from his choice of language, I think he was telling them from a first person point of view. I think he was either a Korea or Vietnam vet. Interesting man, Also, Dr. Cope in the Math department. Probably wore the most chalkdust in history on the pants he changed every 3 days and was a prime example of "those who cannot do, teach". However, he was the only professor that could beat Calculus into my head. And a darn nice guy to boot. I transferred to MTSU after 2 years at UNA, but still remember a lot of the older professors from living around them in my neighborhood. Dr. Himmler (Geography) was one of my neighbors.
I took every class Gaisser taught, he was great. His far right wing paranoia was quite entertaining. I remember in Russian History one time there was a Russian visiting TVA, this was back in the deepest freeze of the cold war so it was unusual to have a Russian here. They got the Russian to speak to some classes at UNA. He spoke in our Russian History class and Professor Gaisser sat in the back of the room grumbling and making snide comments the whole time the Russian spoke lol. I'm sure Ikerman followed the Russian around with a pistol while he was on campus.

Gaisser was great.  He didn't teach, he made you think.  I hade his class at 8:00 in the morning and I dont think I missed a single class.  I remember one morning a girl came into class with a coke and he said "you can't bring that coke in here unless it has whiskey in it".

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