False Religion - Do as I say not as I do .... I missed that verse

With the enormous disaster affecting Houston and Texans the mega pastor Joel Osteen received great condemnation on Twitter and online because of his decision not to open the doors of the Church, there in Houston , to those that had to leave their homes. 


It appears now that he has had a change in heart, most likely, my own opinion mind you, because he felt it would affect his donations and offerings and ability to plea to supporters for donations for those affected by the storm.  You can be sure that he will now be out there pleading for donations to his Church so they could help those displaced and affected and you can also bet that there will be a substantial handling charge or percent taken from all donations that will go directly to him or the Church coffers. 

I'm sorry but I don't subscribe to his ministry or his gospel and I don't see him as preaching the "TRUE" Gospel of Christ but rather a message that will make people believe they are going to get rich by believing and in the process greatly embellish Osteen's wealth.  I'm sorry if that offends some but I am just very skeptical of many of the hugely popular tele-evangelist who enrich themselves and spend a great majority of their ministry and time appealing to people to send in money to their ministry rather than preaching and teaching a message that is consistent with what Christ did in His earthly ministry.

Joel Osteen's decision may be simply brought about by some local politician or state politician's threat to examine the donations to the church and reexamination of the Church's tax exemption status.  Thankfully there are a great many ministries and Churches that are on the scene and helping out people and will continue to do so long after the event happens.  Rest assured though that you will see and hear Joel Osteen, and most likely his wire, out there claiming they are doing all this good work for the people affected which will surely be accompanied with staged videos of them out there, sleeves rolled up, walking through water assisting people.   As for me I'd put that staged video and scene in the same venue and theme as I would Hillary Speaking about why she lost the election and how she should have confronted Trump for lurking behind her in that debate.  Maybe she should donate the proceeds from those $1200.00 a ticket price to those in Houston that will be homeless and affected by the storm.  How many think that will happen?


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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