Heat rising off downtown Pittsburgh causes the moon to shimmer as it sets behind the spires of PPG Place early Monday morning, Nov. 14, 2016. The full moon, dubbed “super moon” was the brightest and fullest in seven decades.


Numerologists may have something to say about all the twelves in the date and time, especially as it falls immediately prior to Friday, the 13th.


The moon will appear full for the final time this decade on Dec. 12 at 12:12 a.m., according to NASA.

A full moon in December is known as the Cold Moon in the Northern Hemisphere.

Maude Frome @frome_maude

As we move towards the , the on 12th Dec is known as the or , so-called by Native American tribes in honour of the many hours of freezing darkness we now share. 12:12 am USA, 5:12 am UK, 4:12 pm Aust.

It's All Over Now, Take What You Think Is Necessary

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Actually I haven't seen the moon since 1992 but I'm sure it's as 
interesting as that last time. I've not seen the sun in years either 
but I do feel it's presence.

Jack, try to signal in some manner where you're being held prisoner. I'll get Lovie to bake a cake with a hacksaw and we'll have you out in no time.

What do you mean by the word "we'll," are you going to crank the hacksaw
or will all the work be on me.? I'll be taking a friend with me, she said she
knew where a ton of money is buried. 

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