No sex scandal, Wolfowitz is single and hetero, as is his main squeeze.

This story is classic Washington/international warfare, worthy of chinese opera or japanese no plays.

When Wolfowitz took up his position, his girl friend had to leave the World Bank under nepotism rules. She was transferred to a State Department position. An outside law firm was brought in to review the details and approved them. In her old position, international civil service, she paid no income taxes. As a State Department employee, she was liable for US income taxes. The salary increase was to makeup for the difference. Wolfowitz may have erred in not going to World Bank chief of personnel to process the change over. He used lower down personnel in the Personnel department, instead.

The long knives came out for Wolfowitz when he started to clean up the corruption within. Notice, African government officials are backing him - they're tired of the corruption themselves. Wolfowitz is putting emphasis on African development.

Big question is why the World Bank still exists? It makes loans to questionable development plans. When the plans fail, the bank puts the screws on the government to pay the loan back, causing economic woes to under developed countries.

The bank should be phased out, collecting loans when possible and writing down the one that are hard to recoup. Private lending could take the place of the bank and be inclined not to loan to questionable projects.

Plus, there is resentment that an American always heads up the bank. US is the largest contributor. In reciprocity, the International Monetary Fund is never headed by an American. IMF, another useless organization!
posted by interventor:
No sex scandal, Wolfowitz is single and hetero, as is his main squeeze.
And you're right he is not married to the lady. She is not married either. THAT IS NOT EXACTLY A "MORAL" RELATIONSHIP.

Wolfowitz is a Straussian, Signed the Doctrine of Domination promulgated by the PNAC, and is not exactly the right person to be trying to "benefit" the impoverished of Africa.

Notice, African Government officials are backing him, but there is some doubt that they are backing their own people.

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