I couldn't believe that the Spirit of America celebration was going to be cancelled. I have been to every one of them. I feel that it is a very good way to bring all the local people together and show our patriotism. It has to be a boost to the local economies with that many people coming into the area. I knew that there must be a way to get up the donations to continue such an important event. Can't some other radio station play patriotic music for the fireworks display? Why not this year. Then WLAY can pick it back up next year if this new station isn't interested. But with them stepping down I think it leaves that part wide open for another station to take it on. The music adds so much to the display. They might not be the biggest sponsor but they can be a donator to the cause. Please someone ask the other stations to do this for us. Thank goodness the celebration is back on.
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I have been watching for some public places to ask for donations from the public - whatever you have - to help keep the fireworks display. I have not seen any. A couple of years ago some younger Forum members contended that what we needed was a good depression to bring us all down and make us good Americans again! EM got in a lot of trouble for saying, "No we don't - been there and done that" It almost "rained" on the fireworks display and there is weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth! Be careful what you ask for! "It's the economy, stupid!"
My friend and minister lived directly across from the display area for years - sometimes when we were sitting on the bank watching it seemed that we were going to be inside the bursts themselves. The fly-bys were so close I had that fun frightened feeling! I would have gladly contributed to a fund to see/keep the display! One of our good Forum members knows where I was! LOL! Did we panic when we thought our free lunch was gone?
Since there are 72 threads going for one topic, here's a re-post from another thread:

Offering to help sponsor the event so it can move forward is an absolutely brilliant move by Jeff Atwood and RegionalCare.

With the somewhat controversial acquisition of CHG, what better way to warm up to the residents of the Shoals community?

Very savvy.


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