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One of the reasons for Alabama's great success is their Players.  Alabama has on the field player coaches as well as stellar athletes who are not only talented football players but are excellent representatives of the school as well.   All you have to do is watch Alabama's players and how they approach the game and their professionalism.   Now contrast the actions of the Tennessee player who with Tennessee's only score, an interception run back against the backup quarterback by a team who hadn't scored in 14 or so quarters and what was the response of the Tennessee player?  Rather than congratulate his teammate and assist him back to the sideline he stood there in the end zone and stuck up both hands and his middle fingers toward the Alabama fans.  

Someone should tell the guy to act like he's been in the end zone before rather than acting like a huge jerk who was totally classless.  It just kind of summed up Tennessee's problems in the player's gesture.  

It reminded me of two years ago, at Knoxville, in Tennessee's stadium when then Florida coach Will Muschamp made a statement to the media after just defeating Tennessee in the last minutes at their home stadium.  Tennessee fans had just prior to the end of the game began to loudly chant, as caught over the national broadcast, saying F(#& You Florida over and over after a penalty that went Florida's way.   You could see the disgust on Muschamp's face then Florida made the necessary plays to defeat Tennessee on their home field and when interviewed by the sports commentators after the game Will Muschamp just said "I'm just glad we could send all these fans home disappointed".   He never commented on what was said or the loud stadium generated profanity toward him and Florida's team.  He was classy in the face of a fan base and stadium that wasn't.  

That is just one reason many people look at Tennessee's situation today, along with what Phil Fulmer did in an attempt, years ago, to get Alabama the Death Penalty through secretive actions in cooperation with the NCAA to let Tennessee off the hook for their violations while trying to sink Alabama at the same time, and have no sympathy for their team, their coach or their fan base.  Many feel Tennessee has earned what's coming to them now.    I'm just sad to see such a proud program in such disarray and hope that their next coach will turn things around and get Tennessee being competitive again.   


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I haven't ever actually been to any of the games, other than watch on TV, but when the cameras scanned the stadium I sure didn't hardly see any orange.  I wonder if that stood out to any other folks?  I don't know how the attendance is at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville but Tennessee seemed under represented at Bryant Denny on Saturday.

GBRK; Read on Vol Nation Website forum; a TN fan who went to BD stadium, conservatively stated ~ 2000 vol fans in attendance. Normally would have had 10,000 + travel to away games in years past, when TN was competitively winning.

A different take from another, On same TN Vol Nation web site, here's what a Vol Fan had to say regarding AL vs TN Game Saturday:

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I washed my truck while the game was on in my garage. The dog was in the garage with the TV. When I came in at half time the dog tried to bite me for leaving the TV on.
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