Florida Professor makes claim that Houston and Texas deserved Harvey's wrath

Here you have another, left leaning, liberal Professor with such inner hatred for Donald Trump that he has, out of his own insanity, claimed that it was Karma for Houston and Texas to have the damage they are experiencing because they supported and voted for Trump.  The professor, once he realized the amount of criticism he was getting and actually started fearing for his own job and livelihood, issued an apology, but his real feelings were the ones that were stated initially. 

Had this been a conservative that did that they would have been immediately fired no matter what their job was.  Many of these professors who have the protection of tenure usually allow their real selves to be on public display for they have no fear of being fired.  Maybe this professor has brought enough embarrassment to the school to warrant his being fired although there is no word on whether or not he will be.  

To me it's just another example of liberals Trump Derangement Syndrome and I doubt that they will ever get over it.  Even after Trump is long gone they will still suffer from their hatred of Donald Trump and never will get over losing the 2016 election when they have only themselves to blame.  The Democrats have never insured such a flawed candidate would run for such a high office.  One only has to look back at the 2016 primaries and see that the Democrats only had four serious contenders to be the Presidential candidate and it was evident that the fix was in for Hillary so from the beginning the Democrats had all their eggs in one old flawed basket but even with they there was almost full assurance that Hillary would be elected no matter who the Republicans ran.  I honestly believe if it was anyone other than Donald Trump that they would have lost. 

Speaking of INSANITY ... there is a new test out to find out if you are truly insane.  I have heard and read where Hillary Clinton is going on a speaking tour for her new book explaining how she lost and tickets for her speaking engagements will cost up to $1200.00 a ticket.   If you pay $1200.00 a ticket to listen to Hillary Clinton gripe about how and why she lost the election then you are seriously INSANE.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Surprise of surprises the professor was fired account of his post.  I guess it was Trumps fault that he lost his job?  Just like Kathy Griffin you have a person so inflamed with hatred for Donald Trump and republicans that they just cannot control themselves and just like when a person is drunk their inhibitions go out the window and you hear or see just what they believe and how they feel without the usual buffers. 

This professor though can rest assured that for Liberal academia he now has padded his resume with a highly positive entry.  He will surely find another job quite quickly and quite likely it will be in California where he will most likely get a raise.  At least though the right move was made by the university to at least let some people know that there are limits to what a person can do or say and remain within protections of the first amendment. 

This person had the right, as everyone else does, to speak his mind or to remain silent but unfortunately although he had the right to remain silent he didn't have the ability.  Trump Derangement Syndrome claims another Liberal.  Maybe he'll get a sympathetic tweet from Kathy Griffin to join the ever growing Trump Derangement Syndrome support group. 

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