Fond Memories of one long gone

I am one that eats out more frequently than most and love a variety of places but there is one restaurant that I really do miss and unfortunately when they sold out to a competitor the competitor not only eliminated all of the stores but they vanquished all of the meal choices which was, for the most part, far better than what was offered by the restaurant that remained.

Okay mystery over, I'm talking about Morrison Cafeterias.  Purchased and bought out by Piccadilly most all if not all of Morrison's recipes were trashed and Piccadilly just eliminated the dishes that Morrison's did so well.  For instance the Morrison's fried shrimp was some of the best that could be found.  In Florence you could always count on a line leading up to the food line and the choices were great southern style cooking. 

I, for one, miss Morrison's cafeteria and while Piccadilly still has locations in business they are only a shadow of what Morrison's used to be and come far from being able to compete with the business that they purchased and bought out.  Thinking they had the best restaurant and recipes they seemingly have eliminated the old Morrison's recipes all together and that's a sad loss. 

As for competition to Piccadilly I don't know of where the closest one is but I believe Lubys is most likely the largest competitor around but I do know of one that was in Macon and the Atlanta Georgia area and used to have several others but currently only are in South Carolina, Tennessee, and mostly Georgia.   <-- S&S Cafeteria's web URL link

I also liked, although they are no longer in business, I believe, S&W Cafeteria and frequently patronized the location in  Chattanooga, Tennessee but that was long ago.  I don't know if Cafeterias will ever make a comeback and am pretty sure that they will never see the popularity they achieved in the 1950's and 1960's but I can still recall fond memories of my parents taking me there when I was young and to me the Cafeteria was always better than the buffet even though the buffet is more all you can eat and self service I think the quality of the food and service was better with the Cafeterias.  I miss the Florence, Alabama Morrison's location that was in the Mall and I wish it was still there.


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