For someone who claims to be innocent, Trump goes to great lengths to hide reports and people and block testimony.
The last AG that lied for a POTUS, like Barr, worked for NIxon.

Now, Don the Con has blocked another person from testifying before Congress. The Trump administration is seeking to block former White House counsel Don McGahn from talking to Congress.


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Jack Hammer posted:
The only AG proven a liar and obstruction of justice is Eric Holder.
As a matter of fact the entire Baraak gang is under investigation by
Bill Barr, he's the one who isn't being investigated,   

You don't see any news that isn't bias to your own beliefs. How on earth would you have any clue who's a liar? Fox News hasn't told you, yet.

Jack Hammer posted:
I see your judgement against Trump without proof from CNN isn't the
same as what you accuse others of doing.   huh.!

I see you still can't see any facts, yet. You rant about Trump's innocence without seeing the whole picture. Barr has been caught lying. It's time to face the music. If Trump is so innocent, why go the all the trouble of blocking everything he's trying to block? People testifying before Congress. The Report. Tax records. The list grows daily. If all this information proves his innocence, why spend so much energy blocking the American people from seeing Trump's innocence? There's no sane explanation for Trump's behavior unless he has something to hide. Period.

Jack Hammer posted:

Barr hasn't been caught lying, if he had there would be proof of it.

Take off the blinders and examine some news that isn't fake. You'll see it. You can't be willfully ignorant forever. Sooner or later, you'll see the truth.

I see you made zero comment as to the rest of my statement. I'd expect no less. That is, until Fox News Entertainment gives you your opinion.

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