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Family of nine Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped drunk woman in Austria for two hours as she pleaded "No, I don't want this" after luring her from her friends on New Year's Eve' 

  • The nine men are accused of raping a woman, 28, on New Year's Eve 2015  
  • Only one of the men has admitted to being involved in the horrific attack 
  • The court heard the victim met four of the men while drinking in a bar in Vienna


Train passengers in Sweden have ‘breathing problems’ after liquid thrown on them


Militants kill 2 Christians in Egypt's Sinai


Are Liberal Boycotts Of Trump Family Products Backfiring?
This weekend, the Daily Dealer wrote about Ivanka Trump’s perfume line, which has skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller list of all beauty products. People rushed to buy the product to support Ms. Trump, even as left-wing activists called on Americans to boycott Amazon. In other words, at least in that case, the so-called Grab Your Wallet campaign backfired.



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Macys dropped Ivanka's line. They just announced the closing of 68 stores and most likely will be out of business totally before the end of 2017. I think this so called "stand" was nothing but a ruse to stir business for their failing stores. It doesn't look like it worked. As usual the left bullied someone into jumping into the deep end and then left them to drown. Seems the stores that are dropping her line are on life support and imo are doing it for reasons other than the left claims. Too, many of them still have her products online. They're hypocrites, just like is always found in the democratic party.

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