With the concept of a round-a-bout intersection like the new one in the Sweetwater area some people take a little time to acclimate themselves to how to use it.  What is frustrating, for me at times, is how so many people don't seem to understand, know, or comprehend the use of Acceleration and Deceleration lanes in the area.  

I see people pullout and pull half way down, even all the way down, an acceleration lane on Highway 72 (Florence Blvd) leaving themselves no time to merge into oncoming traffic and often causing traffic to have to come to a standstill as they seek to enter the flow of traffic.  If used correctly the acceleration lane gives the motorist the opportunity to pick their entrance into the flow of traffic and accelerate to normal traffic speed as they merge into traffic all without causing any noticable reduction of speed to traffic.  

Likewise many don't seem to understand or comprehend the use of a deceleration lane and instead they pull over to make their turn at the end of the deceleration lane as they slow abruptly in the main lain of traffic causing an unneeded  traffic hazard and potential dangerous accident situation.  The deceleration lane, when used correctly, allows the vehicle turning to remove their vehicle from the flow of traffic and slow down to make their turn all without impeding the flow of traffic or cause an unwanted reduction in normal traffic speed/flow.

In the area though there are quite a few people that haven't mastered either of the added lanes to help traffic flow easier.  Florence already has enough things to impede traffic flow what with the crazy traffic engineering (if you can call it that) of traffic lights around the mall area, as well as other areas.  

While I'm at it I'll throw in one more gripe, that I, as a driver, have and that is regarding the people that tend to speed up to pull into traffic then once in traffic they hit the brake and slow down causing everyone behind them, that they just pulled in front of, to have to slow down and brake.  If people are going to pull into traffic at least maintain the normal speed/flow of the traffic that they are pulling into rather than cause a dangerous, potential accident, situation.  I know there are lots of other things that frustrate people and possibly others will chime in here with their own gripes but these are some of the things that frustrate me, as a driver.

I guess I shouldn't be so judgmental or complaining because some of these people drive the way they do because they are just afraid or too scared to do otherwise.  If they did as they should do they would be putting themselves in an uncomfortable situation where they may pose an even greater danger to themselves or other drivers.  Still I mention it because it is frustrating and I'm also not saying that I'm a perfect driver for I'm not and I'm sure I have my own problems.  If you, thought, aren't familiar with the use of acceleration and deceleration lanes though then maybe a refresher course might not hurt.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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