Former NSA Analyst: FBI May Reopen Investigation If Clinton Loses



The FBI could reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified information if she fails to win the November election, according to a former National Security Agency analyst, especially in light of revelations made public in a Friday document dump by the agency.

"The FBI completely ignored the appearance of highly classified signals intelligence in Hillary's email, including information lifted verbatim from above-Top Secret NSA reports back in 2011," John Schindler, a security expert and former analyst for the agency, wrote in a Sunday column for the Observer, noting the agency revealed on Friday that it never questioned Clinton about the issue.

"This week, however, we learned that there is actually no mystery at all here. The FBI was never able to get enough traction in its investigation of Email Gate to prosecute anybody since the Bureau had already granted immunity to key players in that scandal," wrote Schindler, who has served at both the NSA and the Army War College.

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I would be for revoking any offers for immunity and then going after everyone involved no matter what their job or position was including Obama himself but then if anyone thinks that the first Black President will in any way be prosecuted for anything is living in never never land.


Rather than invoke immunity, have all the usual suspects [all the Clintons] plead guilty with the understanding if the confession they provide is worth a chet, we'll talk to the judge about reducing their sentence.

Heard lots of LE stories about making plea deals only to have it backfire.

Here's one.  Two-timing Tony is charged with accessory to murder for killing Anvil Head.  In fact, TT participates in the dismemberment of the body and takes one of the severed hands, extends it to his associate and says "shake hands with Anvil Head."

TT is told if he pleads as charged and provides incriminating witness testimony against his partner killer, the DA will talk to the judge about getting the sentence reduced.  The judge doesn't get the memo and rather that delay sentencing, sentences TT to life.

TT is put on the stand to testify against the murder of Anvil Head.  TT says he don't know chet.  What about the deal cries the DA.  Judge says he'll hold TT in contempt and put him in jail till he talks.

TT tells the judge, I've already got life, how much more under the jail can you put me.

I'd like to take a sweet-heart of a plea deal / immunity, wrap it around a knife handle, place it on the floor in the center of the room surrounded by the usual suspects . . .

And cut out the lights.



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