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NAIO: Understand your musical taste... more of an instrumentalist here, but just can't get around the vocalist popularity among'st the masses (as seen on forced down your throat -TV)

This years Easter Cookout for our family & friends at our home, I am Dictator for the musical theme & chief Cook... Last years theme was some bluegrass & main attraction was a Zydeco Dance Band- Slippery Sneakers... (not bad for a bunch of Yankees)

This year a little poke at the cookie cutter bands with a remake by some No Name Bands doing someone else's music better than the original artist performed.

So with horseshoe's clanking and 3 Cornhole Boards in active use for the upstage of the afternoon championship preparation.... and More food to feed an army of +60 in attendance, everyone got to hear these folks play for their pleasure...;list=RDcRFn5tPej88

BTW: if any group used crude language, which they did not, Outta Here, NEXT!! No Garbage Music Here.. Working hard, Practicing Hard... Glad to see accomplished young musicians at work...

Need your Day Perked Up??!!

 This isn’t your Mama & Daddies Lester Flat & Earl Scrubs, Who were actually very good in what they did during late 50’s & 60’s later known in early 70s as Earl Scrubs Review band…Whom I began to respect their work & opened up a new world of Bluegrass to My Younger (Boomer) generation of music enthusiast.

 The Infamous Stringdusters:

Is Todays blend of bluegrass (not a purist), but pretty darn good band…not to many people ever heard of.  Guess you didn’t hear them on any local stations? So Sad…

 For the Instrumentalist:

 For the Vocalist:


and: Laws of Gravity

Bud: Glad you like it, I tend to search the world over for what please's my ear at the time I'm ready to listen to good music. I don't restrict myself.. Even though I was influenced on British groups early on as well as others.(1964 Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Dave Clark 5, James Brown) Hated Bob Dylan then as today..Sorry Dylan fans.

Earl Scruggs must be rolling in his grave - I misspelled his name above... Shame on Me...He was a Legend in music communication as he bridged the generation gap with younger artist.. as exhibited on this album;

Pick and choose what pleases your ear.. I haven't listen to this since the 70's...

05: Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine) (14:5418:38) - Works for me.

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