Hi TimesDaily Mods,


Under your new rules, a person who is not subscribing to read your articles can only read 15 in any 30 day period.   When I read an article, it tells me that I have XX number left to read.  BUT, it does not tell me when that 30 day period will end and a new day clock starts.  Supposedly I have read 12 articles so far -- but, that has to be over a period of weeks.  So, how do I know when I get reset to 15 articles again?


If you are going to give us a countdown message -- why not include the days left in that same message?  That would be very nice.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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Bill, if there are any TVT mods, they probably don't have anything to do with the program that controls the main TD page. My prediction is that it will soon change to the Decatur Daily method where you get no free articles.


Why? It's very simple to reset the count and start over.

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