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On the News Forum, our Friend, Ronnie P, has posted a discussion titled "More Flash Mobs" where he claims that white kids are being mistreated by being subjected to a curfew.  Ronnie tells us, "I wonder how the innocent kids in these big city feel about getting a curfew because of the action of a few black teenagers?  White kids aren't roaming the streets beating people up, attacking people on the subway, or rushing into convenience stores en mass to rob them.  Why are white teenagers subject to the curfews?   Teenagers aren't the problem.  The problem is groups of teenagers in the black community."

The article, found at http://www.nbcwashington.com/n...in-128062773.html?dr does not mention teens at all.  It tells us about ten women, adult women, who rob a convenience store.   Yet, for some reason, Ronnie has translated this to black teens.

For most of my life I have loved to walk.  And, traveling on business a lot in earlier years, I have walked in just about every major city and in many small towns in America -- and in England.  As I meet folks while walking, my Southern nature comes out -- for I love to smile and greet people as we pass.

Over the years, I have noticed young people showing less respect when I greet them.  But, and this may shock YOU -- every single incident where there has been a problem -- has been with WHITE teens.   I am Caucasian; yet, remove the covering and inside we are all the same.

In California, there have been many times when, during my walk, I find myself meeting a group of young kids of color -- very obvious by their clothing, kids in the "hood."  But, they have never failed to return my greeting -- and not once with any smart answer or wise cracks.  I have only gotten those from white teens.

I recall an incident a few years ago, my wife and I were walking in the evening.  While walking we were talking about the effect of taking God out of our public schools, starting in 1963 when Madelyn Murray O'Hair joined hands with ACLU -- and the most obvious casualty of that erroneous decision has been the loss of the teaching of positive moral values in our public schools today.  Today, public schools teach Relativism, Relative Moral Values, i.e., if it feels good to you, it is okay.

As we were walking, we approached three teens coming toward us, two boys and a girl, all white.  As we passed, I greeted them,  "Good evening.  How are you?"   And, after they had walked on past to a safe distance, one of the boys turned around and shouted,  "Better than you, old man!  Better than you!"  He was obviously trying to impress his friends.   I looked at my wife and told her, "That  is exactly what you and I were just discussing -- no moral values being taught to teens in our public schools today."

About a year before that, I was walking alone.  And because it was a chilly evening I was wearing my dark raincoat (a California overcoat).  I passed three teens, again two boys and a girl, all white, talking in the driveway of a home.   As I walked past, one of the boys yelled out, "Hey, Mr. Magoo!"  I suppose the fact that I am tall, was wearing a dark raincoat/overcoat, and have white hair reminded him of the Leslie Nielsen character in the movie "Mr. Magoo."   It was apparent the kid was not being complimentary.

But, I was thrilled by the response of the girl.  She looked at the teen boy in disgust and told him, "Why don't you shut up?"   Yes, my heart sang, not all teens have been brainwashed into the Relative Moral Values lie being taught in our public schools.

My point in all this, Ronnie, is that you use this news report to slam black kids -- and the article does not even mentions teens -- of any color.  It speaks of adults stealing from a store.

I say that the plague of Moral Relativism is color blind.  My experience with this destructive teaching has been exclusively with white teens.  Not necessarily because they are white; but, I presume it is because they have the same arrogant attitude you seem to carry -- a result of the Moral Relativism being taught in public schools today.

God is color blind -- and so can our children be if we teach them Positive Moral Values, as found in the Word of God -- instead of the secular inspired Moral Relativism.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,


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Alright Bill lets take this one step at a time.  Why have several major cities imposed curfews on

teenagers just this year?




8/?/11 Washington DC 10Teenage girls "flash rob" convenience store. Some idiots mentioned in article excuse this behavior.http://bit.ly/qr1zrT 
8/16/11 Wilmington, DE 7 Food deliveryman viciously beaten until unconscious and robbed http://cbsloc.al/r5Wxkj  
8/14/11Philadelphia5Teens jump 22 year old man before attack is broken up by plainclothes officershttp://bit.ly/ppXQ9Y 
8/13/11 Kansas City Unknown 3 teens shot on Country Club Plaza as mayor speaks nearby http://nydn.us/ol9sVT http://bit.ly/ov9nlR 
8/13/11Germantown, MD30-357-11 convenience store ransackedhttp://bit.ly/nqrlW6http://bit.ly/qMzibf
8/8/11NYC3-464 year old man attacked and beaten, robbed of wallet, cell phone, and bible - This is the third attack by the same group in last monthhttp://cbsloc.al/o15yZH 
8/7/11 Little Rock 7-10 Man attacked until unconscious, robbed of cell phone and wallet http://bit.ly/qEun06 
Teens attack person on the ground
8/5/11 Richmond, VA
UnknownFighting, 5 arrests at First Fridays event
Dozens to Hundreds
Mayhem and multiple assaults at Wisconsin State Fair


8/3/11Madison, WI4Two incidents - Teen gang-bangers attack and rob victims, strategy is called "point 'em out, knock 'em out"http://bit.ly/ovSOUe 
8/2/11Toronto, ON 12Woman assaulted and robbedhttp://bit.ly/qTacMN 
4-5Bicyclist attacked, skull fractured in three placeshttp://cbsloc.al/qFm0y5 
7/31/11 Pittsburgh ~100 Teens causing mayhem and fighting swarm McDonalds, Trader Joe's, and a Target store http://bit.ly/oHwnRb 


7/30/11High Point, NC>50Fighting in parking lothttp://bit.ly/qJzmpz


7/29/11 Philadelphia 30-40 Teens assault and rob pedestrians, damage property http://bit.ly/phiydX http://bit.ly/pkr3fz
7/29/11Philadelphia7Teens attack innocent pedestrian in Society Hillhttp://bit.ly/qUbUO2 
7/28/11Oklahoma City7Teens assault elderly couple during home invasion robberyhttp://bit.ly/mVuMzG 
7/28/11Denver4-10Third baseball bat attack/robbery in Capitol Hill area. See 7/16 and 6/26 for othershttp://bit.ly/q4tkdA 
7/26/11 Winfield, NJ 150 Fighting and arrests at firefighters carnival http://bit.ly/r5H4LT  
7/25/11Washington DC
Victoria's Secret store in Georgetown looted middayhttp://bit.ly/q4X9aB
7/23/11Greensboro, NCHundredsMan assaulted in park, former mayor's business vandalizedhttp://bit.ly/qxX2ao 
7/23/11Ottawa, ON 35-40Convenience store ransacked, $800 in merchandise takenhttp://bit.ly/pxVico 
7/21/11Los Angeles5Smash and grab robbery at jewelry store by gangbangershttp://bit.ly/rlUWrT 
7/17/11NYC5Assailants assault and rob subway passengerhttp://nydn.us/pGV1H9 
7/16/11Denver4-5Baseball-bat wielding thugs hit couple in the head, rob purse (same M.O. as Denver 6/26 attack)http://bit.ly/piaIve 
7/15/11St. Louis5Smash and grab robbery at RadioShackhttp://bit.ly/phEogf 
7/8/11 Redford, MI 15-20 Convenience store ransacked http://bit.ly/pPHI6E  
7/7/11MinneapolisUnknown Mother and daughters assaulted http://cbsloc.al/pC4Plc 
7/5/11Atlantic City10015 men fighting, 2 shothttp://bit.ly/kdI8kK 
7/4/11Shaker Heights, OH500-1000Teens converge on fireworks, cause disturbance, broken jawhttp://bit.ly/rrRiPFhttp://bit.ly/ppX235


Gas station convenience store ransacked, employee assaulted
7/4/11Peoria, ILHundredsFirefighters and cops trying to break up rowdy crowd pelted with rocks, bottle, and mortar-type fireworkshttp://bit.ly/l9btCC 
Armed robberies in Kilbourn Reservoir Parkhttp://bit.ly/jLFqia 
7/3/11Chicago~10 Assault with stabbing http://bit.ly/j7KJeI 
7/3/11Bayonne, NJ13-20 Young man brutally assaulted http://cbsloc.al/o47cPQ 
7/?/11DallasDozens Convenience store ransacked http://bit.ly/nSNizP 
6/28/11Atlanta30-35 $15k in high end merchandise stolen from Sole boutique http://bit.ly/jeld8h 
6/28/11Fairfield, CA5Convenience store robbed, owner assaulted and killed http://bit.ly/pxzfec 
6/27/11San Francisco4Teens rob one man of camera, iPod, and bicycle. Twenty minutes later, same teens stab another man and steal his backpackhttp://bit.ly/mMOnly 
6/26/11Denver4-5Couple assaulted with baseball bat, purse stolenhttp://bit.ly/piaIve 
6/26/11Cleveland75-100Fighting at Coventry Street Arts Festival http://bit.ly/kvEDAC 
6/26/11Jackson, MS"Group"Teens run over 49 year old man with truck, killing himhttp://bit.ly/pQ10wM 
6/25/11Washington DCDozens Fighting after Caribbean Carnival http://bit.ly/kQzui8 
6/25/11Philadelphia30-40 Several assaulted http://avc.lu/kfzfkd 
6/24/11Peoria50-70 Mayhem in residential neighborhood http://bit.ly/iF90Gk 
6/23/11 Upper Darby, PA35-50 Sears store ransacked http://bit.ly/mRGI6Fhttp://bit.ly/iRYaLN
6/23/11St. Louis5Teens assault and rob man near MetroLink stationhttp://bit.ly/lGPp0V 
6/21/11 Chicago50Walgreens store ransacked http://cbsloc.al/jvNdKR 
6/20/11Columbia, SC818 year old brutally assaulted http://bit.ly/kGIMbz 
6/18/11Northern VA5Two incidents of robbery + assaults http://wapo.st/nrburY 
6/15/11Kansas City25-30 Mayhem in residential neighborhood http://bit.ly/jjfGLE 
6/15/11Solon, OH5Teens threaten and chase victim after he declines to give them a cigarhttp://bit.ly/kjvva2 
6/15/11Vancouver, BC Thousands140 injured and $5M CAD in property damage after Stanley Cup gamehttp://bit.ly/iMzM4H 
6/7/11 Chicago15Mob stormed CTA buses, stole electronic devices - Two separate attacks http://bit.ly/jDO6G5http://bit.ly/mJzlF6
6/6/11Bessemer, ALDozens Fighting at amusement park http://bit.ly/jivjIu 
6/4/11Chicago15-20 Harassing, refusing to let pedestrians go past on sidewalk http://bit.ly/jobY3C 
6/4/11Chicago15-20 68 year old man robbed while sitting on bench http://trib.in/ixQ6h4 
6/4/11Chicago15-20 Man robbed of his iPod on bicycle path, then a bicyclist assaulted and robbed of wallet, bike, and iPhone http://trib.in/ixQ6h4 
6/4/11Chicago15-20 Man assaulted while sitting on his scooter http://bit.ly/kr02x6 
5/30/11ChicagoUnknown Fighting, harassing http://bit.ly/myMFQL 
5/30/11NashvilleHundreds Crowd causing mayhem shuts down water park http://bit.ly/mOun2r 
5/30/11 Boston <1000 Fighting http://bo.st/iRWcHj 
5/29/11CharlotteHundreds1 dead and 70 arrests after conclusion of Speed Street Festivalhttp://bit.ly/q7rinUhttp://bit.ly/qVmLKE
5/22/11 NYC15-20 Dunkin Donuts store ransacked http://bit.ly/lZ9zNNhttp://bit.ly/kFo6D6
5/1/11Las Vegas35Convenience store ransacked http://bit.ly/mRwXRM 
5/?/11Philadelphia4Teen girls attack woman in broad daylight; punch and kick her relentlesslyhttp://fxn.ws/qAv6aWhttp://bit.ly/pyDQqi
4/29/11Washington DC20-30 Clothing store robbery http://bit.ly/jXFlaf 
4/19/11Harrisburg8Bicyclist assaultedhttp://bit.ly/raJ0Lo 
4/17/11Atlanta20-30 Delta employees assaulted on MARTA train http://bit.ly/ikAGM2 
4/16/11St. Louis472 year old man walking with wife is beaten to death by teens playing the "knockout game" which targets innocent victimshttp://bit.ly/i3Ii4Jhttp://cbsloc.al/fzmVbx
4/16/11 Los AngelesHundreds One man shot on the Venice Beach boardwalk http://lat.ms/jiVnaQhttp://bit.ly/lijFQM
4/10/11Chicago70Mayhem at McDonalds http://bit.ly/m8hIse 
4/9/11Rock Hill, SC8Group attacks *** man outside of convenience storehttp://bit.ly/hNJMPshttp://bit.ly/pqJykY
4/?/11 Chicago100Bicyclists assaulted http://cbsloc.al/iBbeHJ 
4/?/11 Washington DC20-25 Clothing store robbery at Georgetown Tee's http://bit.ly/ltpjbW 
4/?/11CharlotteDozensFighting on the streets outside Th Breakfast Clubhttp://bit.ly/lDVzChhttp://bit.ly/hwDYeZ
3/4/11Redwood City, CA9-1547 year old man attacked at Caltrain stationhttp://bit.ly/fwzOzF 
2/28/11Irvington, NJ5High school students attack math teacherhttp://bit.ly/esw0Ck 
2/23/11St. Paul30-50 Convenience store ransacked http://bit.ly/hle3CN 
2/20/11Sacramento6-8Local news reporter and photographer assaultedhttp://bit.ly/nxSJhv 
2/13/11South Orange, NJ500Mayhem in suburb http://bit.ly/jezO43http://bit.ly/lJ53Yr
1/26/11Memphis~10Photojournalist assaulted, camera damagedhttp://bit.ly/gVMEk4 
1/21/11Richmond6-7Two men attacked and robbed in Shockoe Bottomhttp://bit.ly/f2UnSz 
1/21/11NYC5Teenage girls attack Wendy's cashier after she asks them to behave or leave (they were fighting and throwing food)http://bit.ly/p9kBoV 
1/2/11MilwaukeeDozens Mayhem at Mayfair Mall http://bit.ly/iKX6qX 
1/2/11Washington DCUnknownMan attacked at L'enfant Plaza Metro station platformhttp://bit.ly/dGfQQX 
1/?/11 Chicago11The North Face, Filene’s Basement, Express, and AX Armani Exchange store robberies http://bit.ly/ms4Iowhttp://cbsloc.al/fW8tr2



This was 2 weeks ago:


The trouble at the fair started around 7 p.m. Thursday in the midway area, where amusement rides are located, when fights broke out among black youths, said Tom Struebing, chief of the State Fair Police. Those fights did not appear to be racially motivated.

Then around the closing time of 11 p.m., witnesses told the Journal Sentinel, dozens to hundreds of black youths attacked white people as they left the fair, punching and kicking people and shaking and pounding on their vehicles.

At least 31 people were arrested - many for disorderly conduct - in connection with the incidents on the fairgrounds and on the streets outside. At least 11 people, seven of them police officers, were injured, officials said. Twenty-four people were arrested within the fairgrounds by State Fair Police. West Allis police arrested seven people, five of them juveniles, outside the fairgrounds.

Struebing said two injured officers were hospitalized; one was hit in the face with an improvised weapon, the other suffered a concussion.

"We normally can handle anything in the park," Struebing said.

Because of the violence, Rick Frenette, CEO of the fair, announced that the fair would immediately implement a policy in which no youths under 18 years of age would be allowed onto the grounds after 5 p.m. without a parent or guardian at least 21 years old.




How do you think that group would greet you Bill?  Maybe you could tell them about moral relativism while they are beating your family.

Hi Ronnie,


You have listed an impressive list of crimes.   However, most do not say they were teens, most do not say black or white.  So, once again, you are stacking up a lot of "so called evidence" to support your logic that all black teens are bad.  Not so, my Friend.  Evil knows no color -- and God is color blind.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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