Good on them. Cleveland police, EMS unions won't hold flag for NFL's Browns after players kneel for anthem

Cleveland police and emergency services unions have declined an invitation from the NFL's Cleveland Browns to hold an American flag for the team's season opener after some Browns players knelt for the national anthem during a preseason game.

EMS union president Daniel Nemeth told Fox 8 Cleveland on Friday that the offer to participate in a pregame ceremony sounded great until a dozen Browns players refused to stand for the anthem, in support of free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

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These NFL teams that supports their players freedoms talk as
if other organizations do not have the same freedoms as the
un/anti Americans do, it works both ways.
Any place of employment shouldn't be a stage of personal or
political protest, carrying a million dollar fine should do it.
Remain in the locker room until the national anthem and
other events of American respect has been concluded.

Kaepernick anti-American types, along with the Cleveland Brown players who have a problem with the Flag, Anthem, and America in general. They need to stop believing in a Lie they are assuming as a Truth...  As a Football fan and American, I too will be taking notice who wants to earn a paycheck & play Football as they were hired to perform or Who's wants to play DNC Politics on a National Stage will be receiving my disconnect to them personally, as well as Team, Owners, TV Sponsors who believe this crap. Sounds more like a personal problem. I'm not buying it!! Cut the TV off to those promoting a crappy lie or just let them know with an Email pointing out such groups are Disrespectful & Anti-American.

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