by opposing sex trafficking laws that would protect children

Image: Google exposes itself as pro-pedophilia, pro-child abuse by opposing sex trafficking laws that would protect children

(Natural News) A child protection bill with broad bipartisan support is under fire by Google because it threatens to actually hold the Silicon Valley tech giants accountable for their complicity in allowing underage children to be abused and sex trafficked through their platforms.

If passed, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, or SESTA, would amend the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1934to specify that tech companies like Google will no longer be shielded from liability for sex crimes committed on their platforms, specifically against underage children.

Because Google and other tech companies are profiting from this child sex trafficking, SESTA would implicate them for “benefiting from ‘participation in a venture’ engaged in sex trafficking of children.” SESTA would also allow for state attorneys general to file civil actions against Google and other tech companies on behalf of the residents of their respective states.

Since the tech cabal has decided to aggressively police online free speech, silencing conservatives, Christians, and natural health gurus for spreading “hate” and “intolerance,” there’s no reason why they can’t also deal with the prolific problem of child sex abuse on their platforms.

But Google and Big Tech are diametrically opposed to the bill, which they ironically claim interferes with the protections they’re afforded under Section 230 of the CDA – protections that no longer apply, it turns out, since Google et al. have decided to act as both content providers and content publishers, in violation of federal law.

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After everything is said and done, google is everything anti American.
And that's not fake news, according to their own biased actions. 
So dance damit dance.

What bias?  Their bias against stupidity?  The "Natural News" website has proven to be a conspiracy theory-spreading site or the lowest order, spreading their own perverse brand of stupidity.  And you fall for everything they publish.

So, dance clown. Dance.


I'm not one to fall for anything, your opinion of anything doesn't have
a thing to do with google being anti America.
Apparently you're a chicken little liberal that doesn't keep but will
panic from your own ideas.

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