Google is a direct threat to human freedom, and it must be dismantled or we will be forever enslaved

Natural News) Google is not just a danger to human freedom in the online world; it’s a danger to all human freedom because the ability to control information is the ability to control minds and enslave humankind.

Through its actions to destroy human knowledge, blacklist natural health websites, alter the outcomes of elections, silence conservative speech, push toxic vaccines onto children, promote the prescription medications of Big Pharma, censor organics and push deadly chemotherapy, Google has proven it is a threat to humankind and must be dismantled.

Now more powerful than any government in the world, Google is a dangerous surveillance web that tracks your online searches, website visits, video views, online purchases, emails and physical locations. Beyond that, Google deliberately blocks independent media, conservative channels, vaccine safety videos and anyone who questions GMOs, Big Pharma, chemtrails or 5G networks.

Google has become pure evil, and it must be dismantled and permanently barred from all business operations. It’s time to rid the world of this evil, and President Trump can start by arresting Google’s top managers and CEO, all of whom have actively conspired to commit large-scale criminal election fraud against the United States of America (among other crimes).

America is Still Free to a Fault

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Dr. John posted:

Ah, yes, another erudite and well researched article from Natural News:


Natural News is far behind most of the other MSM sources that have
the same opinion of google anti American socialism.
Google had admitted the foul play awhile back, liberals just can't seem
to keep up and never catch on.

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