Nothing unusual there. They either run...repeat their lie...say you're attacking them...try to get personal...and feign shock when they get pushback...but they don't debate...especially this one. They like to walk up on Republicans...spew their vile language...and then run.


US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned tail on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue to avoid a potential Republican challenger as they both marched in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, her political opponent said.

Talk-radio producer Rich Valdes told The Post that he tried to challenge the freshman Democratic congresswoman to a debate on the merits of capitalism versus socialism when he spotted her near West 47th Street.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seen walking away from political opponent Rich Valdes.

But Ocasio-Cortez “cut her handshaking short, jerked her hand back and jetted to the other side of the street,” Valdes said.

“She literally ran!” he said. “I thought this was a good time to try and get a response but I honestly only saw the back of her head as she trotted across the street.”

Valdes’ account was echoed by Guardian Angels founder and radio host Curtis Sliwa, who said the incident unfolded when Valdes approached the progressive firebrand about 12:30 p.m.

“As soon as she saw him she did a pirouette — a spin — and she ran north on Fifth Avenue, ahead of her delegation, just to get away from Rich,” he said.

“I heard Rich yelling after her, ‘OK, AOC. You can run — but you can’t hide!'”

Sliwa’s wife, lawyer Nancy Sliwa, also snapped photos that show Valdes walking several steps behind Ocasio-Cortez, then facing the camera with a look of exasperation.

On Thursday, Valdes told members of the Queens Village Republican Club that he would move from New Jersey to Ocasio-Cortez’ district, which covers parts of The Bronx and Queens, in an effort to unseat her.

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"Verbal Lynching is the political tool used today by dems to silence debate on critical issues."

Original Post
I believe the ones that voted for her never thought the joke vote would
backfire and give her the win.
That's exactly why to vote the person should be 21 yrs, old and have 
lived in this country at least 6 yrs. and having proof of federal tax returns
for three yrs.

Once again, Republicans make mountains out of anthills. AOC was following a parade. If the issue was so important to him, why didn't he just follow her? Answer, because then it wouldn't fit his narrative. After he moves and qualifies to run for office, then he needs to worry about a debate. Putting the cart before the horse never works well.

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