Hah! President Trump weighs in on Sebastian Gorka’s Run-in with CNN’s Clown Contributor


As reported earlier by Cristina Laila — Former Trump official Sebastian Gorka confronted a crazy liberal reporter at the Rose Garden presser on Thursday and it was epic.

This came after the White House Tech Censorship Summit with President Trump yesterday afternoon.

Brian Karem, a CNN political analyst and White House reporter for Playboy Magazine was annoyed that conservatives had front row seats at the presser on Thursday following the social media summit.

 Sebastian Gorka walked over to Brian Karem and called him a punk.

“You’re a punk! You’re not a journalist! You’re a punk!” Gorka said inches away from Karem’s face.

Conservatives began chanting “Gorka! Gorka! Gorka!”

Jim Hanson taunted Karem and said, “Just for the record, he’d kick your punk ass.”

Jim Hanson
  After the @realDonaldTrump invited the conservative influencers to the Rose Garden for his press conf

We got the nice seats & I guess "journalist" @BrianKarem was sad
He tried to pick a fight w/ @SebGorka & then thought better

My $$$ was on Seb as I note
Donald J. Trump
 @SebGorka Wins Big, No Contest!

America is Still Free to a Fault

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Here you go, clown.


A factual search reveals several failed fact checks by IFCN fact checkers. Here are a select few.


Are you sure about that?

"Hannity got played by Russian propagandists

Early Tuesday, Yahoo News published Michael Isikoff’s in-depth report on the origins of the conspiracy theory about Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee staffer who was killed on the streets of Washington, DC, in July 2016.

Three years later, Rich’s killing remains unsolved, though police investigators believe it was a robbery gone wrong. But shortly after it happened, Rich’s demise became subject of a right-wing conspiracy theory that held he was murdered because he had leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks — a claim that, if true, would indicate that the US intelligence community’s conclusions about Russia being behind the hacks of Democratic targets in 2016 were mistaken.

According to Isikoff’s account, this conspiracy theory originated from a baseless intelligence “bulletin” put together and disseminated by Russia’s foreign intelligence service, which is known as the SVR. Details from the bulletin were posted on an obscure website that often spreads Russian propaganda, WhatDoesItMean.com, and eventually made their way onto the airwaves of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

From Isikoff’s story:

The conspiracy claims reached their zenith in May 2017 — the same week as Mueller’s appointment as special counsel in the Russia probe — when Fox News’ website posted a sensational story claiming that an FBI forensic report had discovered evidence on Rich’s laptop that he had been in communication with WikiLeaks prior to his death. Sean Hannity, the network’s primetime star, treated the account as major news on his nightly broadcast, calling it “explosive” and proclaiming it “might expose the single biggest fraud, lies, perpetrated on the American people by the media and the Democrats in our history.”

Among Hannity’s guests that week who echoed his version of events was conservative lawyer Jay Sekulow. Although neither he nor Hannity mentioned it, Sekulow had just been hired as one of Trump’s lead lawyers in the Russia investigation. “It sure doesn’t look like a robbery,” said Sekulow on Hannity’s show on May 18, 2017, during a segment devoted to the Rich case. “There’s one thing this thing undercuts is this whole Russia argument, [which] is such subterfuge,” he added.

According to DC investigators, Fox News’s story was completely bogus. It was quickly retracted, and Fox News announced it was conducting an internal investigation to determine how it was published in the first place. But more than two years later, not only have the results of that investigation not been disclosed, but Hannity has never apologized for promoting the conspiracy theory on his show.

So not only does Isikoff’s story reveal that Fox News unwittingly spread Russian propaganda that was meant to sow doubt about the Kremlin’s role in hacking the DNC, but according to the interviews Isikoff did with Rich’s family, the network unrepentantly traumatized the relatives of a murder victim in the process."


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