Growing evidence’ FBI altered witness reports, fed DOJ watchdog ‘false information’

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows made two startling claims in a House hearing on Tuesday, asserting that there is “growing evidence” that FBI officials altered documentation of witness interviews in the Hillary Clinton and Russia probes.

The Republican also revealed the name of an FBI attorney he believes is the bureau employee who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in February after he was found to have sent anti-Trump text messages.

Meadows made the revelations in a round of questioning with Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

On Thursday, Horowitz’s office released a scathing report that documented FBI officials’ mishandling of the Clinton investigation. It also laid out a slew of text messages that FBI officials and attorneys sent criticizing Donald Trump.

“I think the other thing that I would ask you to look into, there is growing evidence that 302s were edited and changed,” Meadows said. “Those 302s, it is suggested that they were changed to either prosecute or not prosecute individuals. And that is very troubling.”

Meadows was referring to forms that FBI agents use to summarize witness interviews. He told reporters after Tuesday’s hearing that he has seen evidence that 302s filled out during the Clinton and Russia investigations have been changed. He also said he has “more information” about the alleged alterations.

Horowitz appeared to acknowledge that he is aware of allegations about edited 302s.

“If I could just mention, we have been getting those kind of referrals and as often happens when we issue reports like this we get other information coming to us, and we are intending to follow up on that,” Horowitz said.

Meadows was not finished dropping bombshells.

He also threw out the name of the person he believes is identified as “FBI Attorney 2” in the IG report released on Thursday. The report cited text messages that the lawyer sent shortly before and after the 2016 election criticizing Trump.

“I am numb,” the attorney wrote on Election Day.

“Viva le resistance,” he wrote to another FBI attorney on Nov. 22, 2016.

The lawyer worked on both the Clinton and Russia investigations. On the latter, he served as the FBI’s top attorney on the Russia probe as of 2017 and worked on Mueller’s team until February. He was removed from that investigation after the discovery of his anti-Trump texts.

Horowitz said early on in Tuesday’s hearing that the lawyer was not identified in the IG report at the request of the FBI. The bureau claimed that the individual’s identity was sensitive because he worked on counterintelligence matters.

“Is the other one Kevin Clinesmith?” Meadows asked in an attempt to get Horowitz to identify FBI Attorney 2.

Horowitz did not take the bait.

Meadows also asked Horowitz whether an FBI lawyer named Sally Moyer was also referenced in the IG report.

“They don’t work in counterintelligence. If that’s the reason the FBI is giving, they’re giving you false information because they work for the general counsel,” Meadows said.

Mueller’s office and the FBI have refused to identify FBI Attorney 2.



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom

 If liberals can't cheat, they can't win

Original Post

People will say that Hillary Clinton was investigated and found that she did nothing wrong but there is plenty of evidence today that shows not only was the investigation led and run by FBI agents totally sympathetic to Hillary but many of them, before the election, referred to her then as President and openly supported her claiming "I'm with her".  The whole justice department was under Obama during the time of the investigation and it is now known that Comey, himself, had several drafts of the speech he made about Hillary carefully pruning it and wording it so that it could not be used to prosecute her or lead to prosecution.  

Talk about a fix being in from the beginning yet all while Hillary was doing her felonious acts a sailor went to prison for taking a photograph on a Nuclear sub for his own use or record.  The whole Hillary investigation was a sham from the beginning with the FBI not only telling her what to destroy but in some cases destroying devices themselves.  From not putting Hillary under oath, now recording or documenting her interview to allowing her to bleach bit permanently erase tens of thousands of emails it stretches the bounds of credibility to expect people will now accept the investigation as honest and honorable and factual.  

It's fairly apparent now that given all that has transpired it is fairly unlikely that Hillary will ever have to answer for her crimes and stands above the law and will escape having to face prosecution given all the assistance that she has received from current and past FBI agents and the past attorney general herself.  While the fact that she (Hillary) will escape unscathed is a travesty further insult will be if those who assisted her in escaping are able to avoid prosecution themselves.  There are people, agents even, that deserve to be in jail and at the least forfeit their jobs and retirement for their actions.  Still, though there will be those who will defend Hillary as if she is innocent as a newly fallen snow.    The bounds of credibility will never be the same again.  Nor will the way, some, people look at the Justice Department.  

There was a time when you could trust implicitly, the media to report the news impartially and the Justice Department to enforce the law without prejudice or favor.  It is a new world and time for sure.

The FBI (FIB) and DoJ sat on requests for documentation requested by Congress for ages.  Congress should begin actions against both, it the information isn't forthcoming.  Impeachments, cutting their pay to $1 annually, cut the budgets for office furniture and such are methods Congress may use. 

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