Okay, here I am sitting here running over 100 degree's fever, and at my age, that sure makes ya feel bad.

The plans I had for this evening didn't come through because I didn't want to give this crud to any of my grandkids or nieces/nephews....

So, here I am, with you guys to yack with... and I want to thank Roger for carrying on a light conversation with me.

My family will be home here in a little while, they didn't want to go without me, but I insisted.

Anyway, *stopping pity party*.. I sincerely wish each and every one of you a VERY Merry Christmas, laced with loads of love, laughter and family... !!!!

God Bless you, one and all Smiler
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Originally posted by NashBama:
Merry Christmas KS. Here's an addictive game that will help pass the time. I've made it to level 7.


Ugh, I made it to Level 3, and got 6410 points on my very first time. Not sure if that is good or not, but the way my eyes are watering, guess it ain't bad, lol.. Thanks Nash!!! I can definitely SEE where it will be addictive, I cannot let my son-in-law see this one, hehe

Thanks so much, and a very Merrrrrrry Christmas to you and your family!!!
LOL.. been playing those games, and reading the jokes, this is really neat....

Thanks Guys for giving me something to do.. I am now having a little more fun...

Ahh... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhh... CHOOOO!!! Well, almost, lol.
Christmas dinner!

Turkey... albeit, in a different fashion.

The last few years we've had smoked turkey.

This year, I tried something different.


(Okay... slightly different.)

Cut up the bird like a chicken, breasts w-wings, & leg quarters. (Save giblets, neckbone & spine for stock.)

(I didn't make a "before" pic of #2. Both were cooked in the oven.)

Two different flavor themes:

1.) Bay leaves w garlic, leg quarters and;
2.) Herbs de Provençe, breasts w- wings.

#1 before, #1 after


#2 after.

Won't you enjoy some home-made egg nog?

6 eggs
1t vanilla
1/2 c sugar (brown or white)
2c milk
1c heavy cream
1c rum
1/2 c bourbon

1. Separate the yolks & eggs, beat yolks in 1/2 c sugar, stirring in milk, vanilla & liquor - chill
2. Beat egg whites to soft peaks, add 1/2 c sugar, beat to stiff peaks
3. Whip cream & add to whites
4. Fold yolks in 3
(s,pices may be added to step 1. or sprinkled on top each cup)

Serve cold or hot.

Approximate proof = 20, i.e. 10% ETOH


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I guess I'll have to ask my uncle to make some nuclear batch for egg nog. I hope he hasn't feed the chickens all the mash yet.
Wow... thanks to EVERYOHNE!!!! I didn't get any better, and on Christmas Day, I stayed away from all of them and allowed my Son to the the Host this year. Didn't wanna give this crud to the entire family...

Looks like my TimesDaily Family is almost as supportive! Smiler

Cristmas Day I didnt even get on the computer...

Hope everyone had the BEST ever, and that all your Santa wishes came true!!!!

(((((((((((HUGS))))))))) to all of you!!! Thanks for the jokes, the games and the recipes... that means a lot!!!
Originally posted by themax:
K.S. I hope the krud will pass soon. And you can enjoy Christmas leftovers. Wink

Thanks themax... I am feeling better now, a little anyway, everything still tastes like cardboard though, so no appetite.

Maybe I can look forward to a good New Year... Oh Wait... Gotta have one of those stupid colonoscopy's done Friday...

Sux to be me right now, LOL!!! Roll Eyes
SL, I copied the recipe's down, sounds good... and I really DO plan on making it soon,... when my taste buds wanna act right, lol.
Originally posted by _Joy_:
testing to see if I'm me again Big Grin

LOL Joy!!!! And I dont THINK I gave you the crud... Almost everyone I know has either had it, or getting it... yuck!!!

And Elijah, that was a very very nice comment you made and I sincerely appreciate it!!!

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