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A Happy Thanksgiving to All!

It's that time of the year again what with Halloween gone and Thanksgiving approaching that the Christmas 2018 season has already started and begun.  I hope each of you, my fellow forum members, have a SAFE and happy holiday season and can enter into the next New Year with your health intact and that you and your families will have a happy and beneficial time.

This last year has been one I would rather put behind me what with my first surgery since 1984 due to conditions that had worsened with my own health.  For those of you who have maintained and have good health please do not disregard or take for granted this blessing.   It is also around this time of the year that many people encounter depressing feelings and depression for various reasons.  On one hand, it is a time for family and being together and then on the other, because of just that reason, family losses and deaths seem all that more pointed and painful and also so many encounter loneliness and a sense of loneliness.

On these forums we, at times, all have encounters where we share differing and pointed opinions that often are at odds with each other but please consider this an invitation.  Whether we agree or disagree on various things, whether it be sports, politics, or religion, if you are having an intense period of loneliness and get to a point where you just want or need someone to talk to please feel free to send a personal private message to me and let's talk.  I'm not trying to judge by saying that but I know that so many people consider and have suicidal feelings around this time of year and I just wanted to say I hope no one here or that reads this encounters such feelings or has such feelings but if, in the case you do, please reach out and talk to someone, anyone because there are people that care and even total strangers at times are there with similar and like problems and would gladly be a friend.  

So if at some point you find that you encounter a difficult time this year and want or seek a shoulder to lean upon then please feel free to send out a private message to say hi or hello and let's talk.  We at times may all be at odds with each other but nothing is more important than life itself and being a friend to another in times of need and we all, whether or not we want to admit it, have those times of need.   I hope each of you doesn't have those times this year and I hope, for all, a wonderful holiday season but know that there are many more on here, on the forum, in our community, that care and know there is much more that binds us together than separates us and keeps us apart.



Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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