Many deny it but there is a war on Christians.  Often it comes from other religions, such as Islam, but often it's source is progressives, liberals, Atheist and Agnostics, and Satanist.  Where as the war on Christians in America is more one to suppress their religious freedoms in other parts of the world the war is for lives and involves the death of many due to their beliefs.  

I'm not trying to say this is the end days or end times but I do believe this is foreshadowing what the end times will involve for Christians and Jews at the hands of (what I believe will be) Muslims or the religion of Islam.  

Matthew 24:9-11 Voice translation
They will hand you over to your enemies, who will torture you and then kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of Me. [10] And many who have followed Me and claimed to love Me and sought God’s kingdom will turn away—they will abandon the faith and betray and hate one another. [11] The love that they had for one another will grow cold because few will obey the law. False prophets will appear, many will be taken in by them, and the only thing that will grow is wickedness. There will be no end to the increase of wickedness.

At the midpoint of the 7-year agreement with Israel (I believe between the Mahdi of Islam and the Jews) the agreement will be broken (by the Mahdi) and jihad/war will be declared on all Jews and Christians.  This is the moment Christ spoke of in Matthew, regarding the End Times/Days.

Matthew 24:15-22 Voice Translation
You will remember that the prophet Daniel predicted this—predicted the abomination that causes desolation— when you see the prophesied desolation of the holy place. (Reader, take notice; it is important that you understand this.) [16] When you see this, let those in Judea flee to the mountains. [17] If you are relaxing on your rooftop one evening and the signs of the temple’s destructions come, don’t return to your house to rescue a book or a pet or a scrap of clothing. [18] If you are in the field when the great destruction begins, don’t return home for a cloak. [19] Pregnant women and nursing mothers will have the worst of it. [20] And as for you, pray that your flight to the hills will not come on the Sabbath or in the cold of winter. [21] For the tribulation will be unparalleled—hardships of a magnitude that has not been seen since creation and that will not be seen again. [22] Indeed the Lord God your merciful judge will cut this time of trial short, and this will be done for the benefit of the elect that some might indeed be saved—for no one could survive the depravity for very long.

Again I'm not saying this is the end days/times but I do believe the actual times will be defined by absolute horrors against the Jewish people and Christians perpetrated by people of Islam (i.e. Muslims).  The above scripture passage's intent is to express the importance of immediate action to flee after this desecration (which many believe to be when the Islamic Mahdi will enter the Jewish Temple and proclaim himself to be the only and true god).

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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