I didn't watch, however then I don't watch "pat on the back" award shows or anything besides actual sport events on ESPN.  Football is a team sport and individual awards don't matter.   I hope the Bama defensive line trounces him.  I am confident our line coach will have a plan.  

Oklahoma won half of their games by 7 points or less. This mean Kyler had to stay in the game 4 quarters. Then when it wasn't necessary for him to stay in the game he was allowed to anyway so he could run his stats up. Tua was punished for not being allowed to play in the 4th quarter because of his leads, thus lower stats. I personally feel that most of the Heisman voters are from the north where there is a lot of hate for the SEC. Hopefully they will be embarrassed for their choice when Alabama plays Oklahoma!!

It was a total farce.  Tua did more in one to two quarters than most any other quarterback ever did in four.  Tua also changed Alabama football single-handedly and as a freshman at that including being responsible for turning around the National Championship game in 2 quarters.  Surveys showed that only the Southeastern United States voted Tua ahead of the others and there is no doubt, at least in my mind, that Tua was rejected mostly due to Alabama hatred.  Fortunately for them, they had his last game to hold against him even though he was injured during that time but they had their out.  

This year revealed the bias that is, and has been, out there what with the committee not considering Georgia as one of the top four teams in the nation and then passing over Tua for the Heisman.  Anyone that follows College ball knows and has to realize that Tua is special and certainly deserved the nod for the Heisman but then as I said before there is a lot of Alabama hatred out there and unfortunately, people let that override giving the Heisman to a truly deserving player. 

Jealousy brings out the hatred from the sports writers and those who
vote on the Heisman award. Q. Williams got one vote which was nice
but shows the non serious attitude shown for an expected close race.

They already had their 'vote fixing' in place---    

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