Here Are The Best Takes On Why Donald Trump Won The Election

 A long read but it's excellent. I guess we can already assume the demoslops will avoid it, they don't want to hear the truth, and we know they won't accept it either.


While many journalists and pundits responded to Donald Trump’s win by unloading steaming piles of self-righteous indignation and despair onto the Internet in story form, others took the time to write thoughtful takes on what led to such a stunning victory.

With that in mind, The Daily Caller News Foundation descended into the bowels of the Internet and bravely sifted through the piles to find some of the best takes on why Trump won, how the media got it so completely wrong, and why some liberals can’t stop crying.

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Trump won out of fear.

Fear of what mobluebum has already done to the country.
Fear of what the beast said it would do if elected and continue
in the path of monappy.
Fear of waking up one morning without your country, because
you have been evicted and replaced with filth and evil.
The rain has hit us over here, we got seven inches of rain in
six minutes (appox) and it's headed your way. jt leave your
basement inmediatamente, hide behind a large tree, this is
Not a drill. Psychiatric nurses will be shipped in for Dems
and other liberal psychos that aren't able to cope with the
real world.  End of massage...............

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