Some of you might get a kick out of this. If you listen closely while watching the following you will hear Hillary Clinton's open mic as the nation anthem is being sung. It’s bad. Real bad.
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I'd love to hear it, but my sound hasn't been re-installed and I am completely computer illiterate when it comes to that.. lol Smiler

I bet it's funny though!

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It's actually a little painful.

Hillary: ‘I take responsibility’ for pro-war vote

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton blamed President Bush on Saturday for misusing authority given him by Congress to act in Iraq, but conceded “I take responsibility” for her role in allowing that to happen.

Hillary is out for Hillary and she would be worst than Bush!
Neal Boortz, the high priest of the church of the painfull truth, does not call her the Hildabeast for nothing...

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