Holy Cross May Shed Crusader Moniker

Political Correctness Strikes Again: Holy Cross May Shed Crusader Moniker

The College of the Holy Cross is mulling whether to shed its century-old sports symbol the “Crusader” out of concerns the image of a Christian warrior might be offensive to Muslims.

The future of the purple mascot “Iggy the Crusader” and ” ‘Sader Nation” identity is riding on the Board of Trustees’ decision, currently slated to be announced Feb. 3 in the midst of the Worcester school’s $400 million fundraising campaign.

The Worcester college closed an eight-week comment period yesterday after receiving “hundreds” of remarks, a statement said.

Holy Cross also held two live discussions this fall about whether the image of a knight with sword and shield associated with the brutal 11th-century wars between Christians and Muslims is an appropriate symbol in 2017.

“The Crusader name is an undeniable part of the College of the Holy Cross’ history. At the same time, as an institution of higher learning, we acknowledge our responsibility to thoughtfully examine the sensitivities and implications this name may bear,” the college said in a statement to the Herald. “Our Holy Cross community is passionate about the College and our mission, values and tradition, and as we expected, the discussion of our mascot and moniker has been spirited. Our community has engaged in this conversation in a manner consistent with our approach to all discussions at Holy Cross, with deep thought and respect for different perspectives and opinions.”




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