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Around 192 Church Road, (The road that takes you from Chisholm Rd to St. Florian and passes by Tarkett tile company's plant) just off Chisholm Road in the old "Big Mike's Steakhouse building there is a new restaurant that has opened called "Hot Rod Cafe"  and usually has a large white Monster truck somewhere near the road in the parking lot.  

I haven't had the opportunity to eat there yet but have viewed the menu and walked inside and they really have fixed it up nice and it looks like a place that will hopefully make it.  I spoke with the manager/owner/chef and ask about the steaks and hamburger meat and if it was fresh or frozen and he informed me that it was cut, by him, at the time it was ordered so was fresh, not frozen.  They also indicated that sometime next week they hope to add a salad bar. Hopefully this new locally (family) owned will make it and will be as good as it seems it's going to be.  It is kind of out of the way and that has jinxed a few places before it but usually if the food is good/great they will come.  I've also attached some images and a pdf of their menu so hope the attachments come through.

If you scroll down to the attachment list and find the menu.pdf file you can click that link to bring up the pdf images of their menu.


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