I saw Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom of California, now running for governor, state he was for including illegal aliens in a statewide health care program.  He bragged that he was able to do the same for San Francisco and pay for the program.  Newson left office in 2011.  However, in 2011, the unfunded pension debt for San Francisco’s civil servants was over $3 billion.  Now, the unfunded portion of the  pension fund and healthcare, combined, is about $10 billion.  Newsom didn’t pay for the program.  He borrowed against the future.  BTW, his liberal successors turned the place into an open air toilet. The city is paying clean up crews $185,000 per person to clean up the muck.

California is in a similar financial state. Standard and Poor rate the state at AA- in 2017.  That’s below Alabama’s AA rating. Only two states were lower than AA-.  Illinois, of course, was BBB-, the worst. The total state debt is about    $428.6 billion.  California’s entire state and local government debt is $1.3 trillion.  So, how will Newsom pay for the illegals healthcare? http://www.usdebtclock.org/sta...rnia-debt-clock.html








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When enough Leeches suck the life/money out of a host, it
doesn't matter how big the hose may be it will die, for sure and soon--- 
If a Country can't pay for free Health care, how does it pay
for all the free welfare food,,,?? To name one out of many more on
the books--
The Dems want the impossible, a dream world that was already
collapsing after only a few years of Obama socialism.
The one world order groups are behind all of this and yes, Americans
are too stupid to vote---  

Proglodytes are worse than parasites.  Parasites use their host to keep alive, even though both will did at the death of the host. Rather, the progs are like zombies that feed upon the flesh of the health killing the healthy victim. Zombies  feed from instinct without the need or ability to digest food. 

Fortunately, zombies are fictional beings. Unfortunately, proglodytes are real and just as mindlessly vicious. 

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