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IIRC, the 'demise' of  'Aunt Jemima' was predicted in this forum last week. Not only has that prediction come to pass, but 'Uncle Ben' and 'Mrs. Butterworth' have also fallen victim to 'Appeasement Madness Syndrome'. These events beg the question: How long before the following are 'removed from American history'?

* Mt. Rushmore 

* Crayola's 'black, white, brown, yellow, red and green (Martians)' crayon colors 

* Milk: white and chocolate 

* 'Negros' (Spanish for 'black') 

* Black and White police (gasp!) cars 

* Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream  

* ALL state, county, and city names even remotely associated with the Founding Fathers,  Confederate heroes, etc.

* Every day products remotely associated with Americans deemed 'unfit' by Leftist loonies (Ford Motors) 

 * Mothers'/Fathers' Day

WHEN does the insanity end? Make NO MISTAKE: The Left is Hell-bent on 'erasing' America.

I've joked about America needing a 'purge'. It's beginning to look more and more like the only solution to restoring sanity to our country.


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The capture and rescue of Jemima Boone and the Callaway girls is a famous incident in the colonial history of Kentucky. They were captured by a Cherokee-Shawnee raiding party and rescued by Daniel Boone and his party, celebrated for their success. The incident was portrayed in 19th-century literature and paintings: James Fenimore Cooper created a fictionalized version of the episode in his novel The Last of the Mohicans. The incident was the subject of a painting entitled The Abduction of Boone's Daughter by the Indians by Charles Ferdinand Wimar.

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